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I was working with a company, online web cam service(based

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I was working with a company, online web cam service(based in the USA) along with what ever I made through customers(60% of the cut), I also was receiving a promotional deal that I would get an extra $16 an hour for 3 hours each night, 6 days a week, for being online during the time slots that was set up back in Dec. 2012. I received payments through a company called Payza, then the online company had stated that they were having issues with Payza, if I would like to set up a one time Payment with Paypal, which I accepted. Then got set up with regular checks by mail. Which they never seemed to pay on time, usually a week or two past the payment date. When they declared the promotional deal ending in an official statement, they had owed me the past 2 pay periods, which also included the extra few days that was to be added into the last check I was to receive. I have requested many times to find out where my two payment checks was and that if there was a support number I could call to see about getting this resolved. I am owed over $1100.00 in services that I provided and promised the promotional deal that was in email contract form and promised to me up to a certain date. The only way I can contact them is through email, which they have stopped responding to me. I have found out the owner name along with a phone number and a PO box address and have the info on the company they paid me once through paypal. What kind of lawyer do I need to get this resolved?

JD 1992 : Hello and thank you for contacting Just Answer. I am an expert here and I look forward to assisting you today. If at any point any of my answers aren’t clear please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification.
JD 1992 : The only question I see in your post is "What kind of lawyer do I need to get this resolved?"
JD 1992 : In response to that, the proper type of lawyer for this kind of case is one who does civil trial law or civil litigation.
JD 1992 : You can find lawyers in the correct location and who practice in those areas of the law at
JD 1992 : The website is showing you are offline so I will save and exit so I can assist others. If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask them in this thread. I will be online most of the day but it may take a little while for me to answer if I am assisting others.
Customer: I am online, had my account page up since i started the question
JD 1992 : I'm here
Customer: Are my chances good in getting my money?
Customer: Thank you for the type of lawyer I need
JD 1992 : The chances are good that you would win your lawsuit. As far as collecting on the judgment, that's hard to say.
JD 1992 : It depends on their assets.
Customer: I was doing research on the owner of the site, looks like he is some big (many) hot spots club ower down in Atlanta, ga
Customer: Alex Gidewon, but I can seem to get in contact with him
JD 1992 : Yo're probably better off just suing him and then seeing if he responds as opposed to continuing to try and contact him.
JD 1992 : If your lawyer sends a letter they may respond to that.
Customer: I got paid through another company that was with the company that he owns(that I worked for), do I leave them out of it or just give all the info that I have researched and dealt with working with this company?
Customer: to the lawyer?
JD 1992 : Just give the lawyer all the info. They will sort out out who to sue.
Customer: is there any law against web camming in alabama?
JD 1992 : Not that I am aware of.
Customer: just don't want any hiccups in presuing this
JD 1992 : The only way it would be illegal is if what is being shown is illegal (ex. kiddie porn). The camming itself wouldn't be.
JD 1992 : I don't see any issues for you on that front.
Customer: ok, no, just myself
Customer: thank u for your help, i researched on if my case was a good case
JD 1992 : You're very welcome.
Customer: which i has a written contract(email form) on both of my issues with getting paidwith what customers already paid me and the extra promotional deal
JD 1992 : I think that is all you will need.
Customer: isn't it a crime for them to withhold my money that I received from customers, that was paid through the site?
Customer: one last question, i may live in alabama, but I am close to the georgia state line,which is Rome, Ga. would it be alright to get the lawyer in ga even though i live in al?
JD 1992 : No, or at least not one that is prosecutable. The police are always going to tell you it is a civil matter.
JD 1992 : Yes, a GA lawyer would be fine.
Customer: ok, thanks, XXXXX XXXXX in finding a lawyer, my step 2
JD 1992 : That's correct.
Customer: have yourself a good day, thanks again!
JD 1992 : You have a food one as well.
JD 1992 : Good one
JD 1992 : Please ask any follow up questions in this thread. When all of your questions have been answered, then I would ask that you give a Positive Rating (of course I'd suggest Excellent) since that is the only way I get credit for my work and also please consider clicking "BONUS" as a nice way of saying "thanks" for a job well done, although this is neither required nor expected. When looking at the answer I ask you to bear in mind I can’t control what the law is and whether it helps you, I can only tell you what it says, and I assume you want truthful information. Also, issuing a positive rating keeps the question from “timing out” so you can return in the future if you think of a follow up. However, please do not issue a rating of any kind until all of your questions have been answered and please use the Reply button to ask additional questions or to provide answers to my questions.
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