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My daughter was adopted in China and when she entered the us

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My daughter was adopted in China and when she entered the us her name was legally changed. The only proof is her naturalization paper. However she needs a legal document stating that she was formally known as and is now.... How do I do that?
Hello and thanks for contacting Just Answer. Please provide a few more details about what the "legal document" is needed for. How was her name legally changed? Do you have any legal document from China, or from Immigration showing what her former name was?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have her Chinese passport, and chinese adoption papers that have her chinese name. When we came through immigration they took the immigration packet and the next step was to go to Newark to sign her naturalization papers. That document and her US passport have her American name. My other daughter has a legal name change document since her name was not changed at immigration. Is it possible to get the same sort of documetn.
That is a very odd situation. I'm told that immigration and naturalization do not change the person's name, from what the Chinese Adoption papers show it to be. That's probably why your other daughter went through change of name proceedings in a county court. I can see why you wish to establish a legal connection between her current and former name. I see no reason why you could not also file for a legal change of name from her original Chinese name to her current name the same way your other daughter did. Your purpose would be to establish that XXXXX XXXXX (her current legal name) was born in the name of... (whatever it was), and you wish to legally establish the connection between the two names. I can't say for certain that it would be granted, but I also can't say that it wouldn't. Most change of name petitions are routinely granted by courts with very few formalities.I hope this Answer is helpful and that you will give it a positive rating. If you have any follow up questions please send back a Reply. You should consult a local attorney to verify that this information is accurate for your state. Thank you for using Just Answer. We appreciate your business.
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