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We moved to TN 5 years ago and got a bill for a "Professional

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We moved to TN 5 years ago and got a bill for a "Professional Privilege" Tax for $400 because of my husband's occupation (it comes once each year, due in June, from the TN Dept of Revenue, and is in addition to the licensing fees we already pay because of his occupation) This is a tax TN has decided that people who work in certain professions have to pay each year, so we have paid it each year (even though I don't think it's really fair)

This year, however, when the bill came, it stated "that they have the right by law to require that we pay this tax electronically, right out of our personal bank account, rather than by paper returns and checks." They state "Public Chapter 657 (2012) authorizes the commissioner to require that any return, report, claim, statement, application, or other document filed with the department, including any payment or remittance that accompanies such document, be submitted electonically in a manner approved by the commissioner beginning no sooner than ninety days after the commissioner has certified that a system is in place for the electronic submissino of such document or payment."

I am not comfortable with this, I don't wish to give them access to my bank account. Is this legal for them to do this? I would much rather pay by check.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for the information and your question. Yes, the State legislature passed the law that says it is legal for them to do it, and so they can implement this form of filing and payment of fees. If you would like to see more information on the filing procedures and payment of this tax, the State has a specific webpage you can go to at:

There is also a phone number at that link that you can call to discuss your concerns.
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