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Last Wed night April 1, 2013. My Daughter called me from Delaware

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Last Wed night April 1, 2013. My Daughter called me from Delaware to inform me that every room in the house that I and my late husband, (who was a wwll vet) rent was on the inter net including my dead husband picture and my open wallet on the bed with some papers. Most of all my things you could see from the pictures that was taken even my car. A man name XXXXX XXXXX had another man to take the pictures. I was told that the pictures that they were taken was to see all of the repairs that had to be done to the house! The house is for sale by my landlord Chris Alderman! ( 811 fairfax Av,) My fear is that I live alone. And since those picture came out on the internet, I have had to call the police a number of times. I am afraid for my life. But not only that This man XXXXX XXXXX, told me that when the house is fixed up that my rent would go from $600. Back up to $750. And I should move since I could not paid that amount. He call me to tell me, to ask when was I moving? I told him that I had from now till Dec 2013 to make up my mind. He told me that I had to be out before than. He also said that I had a month to month lease and that I could be put out anytime. I told him this was not so, because my husband an I signed a one year lease. He told me that I had to show the lease to him, when he came. I am to upset my chest start to hurt and I have been in pain and jump at any sound. The house and my things and the picture of my late husband has also been posted on Craigs List Roanoke, Va I feel that my safety and my rights to privacy has been violated. I am still grieving for my husband, who die this year at the hands of the VA hospital letting him fall and he die one week later.

I'm very sorry to hear about this situation. It sounds very stressful.

Who put the photos up on Craigslist? XXXXX XXXXX or your landlord?

Do you have a copy of your written lease?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

XXXXX XXXXX, He also had other men with him taken pictures I also thing that my landlord did to. Because the picture of my car was only parked cross ways of the house before my husband died. Yes I have copy of the lease.

The law provides that you have the right to privacy in your house, even when your house is rented. Thus, a person cannot invade that privacy by taking photos without authorization from you and posting those photos on the internet.

You have the right to demand that the photos be taken off the internet immediately. If they are not taken down, you have the right to sue XXXXX XXXXX for an injunction ordering him to take the photos down.

In regard to any photos that your landlord took, these are legal if they are of the outside of the house, but he would also need your permission to photograph your possessions inside your house.

In regard to your landlord asking you to move out, you need to review your lease and ensure that the lease provides you with a rental term through December 2013. If your landlord attempts to move you out prior to that, you may sue the landlord for wrongful eviction and breach of contract.

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