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Went to ITT Tech for 4yrs, degree not worth the paper it is

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Went to ITT Tech for 4yrs, degree not worth the paper it is written on. I owe $80,000.00 in private and stafford loans and cannot find any job to match all the promises they make to you before and after you graduate. My degree is in Computer Technology and Enginereering, I tried their after school job placement services,best job they offered was no job or any real help or guidance. I cannot find decent employment with this degree and there are many others in the same situation. The classes were 3hours a day at basically $400.00 a credit hour. I called a while ago and a counsoler told me now it is $499.00 a credit hour. My loans will not be paid off till 2039. This is madness I pay $587.00 a month on the loans, only because I have had to request lower payments due to lack of employment. The original payment was $900.00 a month. Can you help me or advise me, I am not the only one in this position that went to school with me. I graduated in 2009. St. Petersburg, Florida. Thank you for any suggestions in this matter. George Starkes. I would like to know if or how to find out if this unholy amount of money I am paying for a lousy education is legal.

William B. Esq. :

Dear Customer, thank you for choosing Just Answer. I am very sorry to report that this type of educational lending is legal, and widespread. There are many current lobbies for legislative change, but as it stands now lenders are permitted to both lend these huge amounts of money regardless of the quality of the education, and the loans are mostly free from bankruptcy discharge. I do wish I had more helpful information for you, but you are correct that you are not alone and many, many people are in a similar position (including most lawyers graduating within the past 5-10 years).


Dear XXXXX B. Esq, Thank you for answer and your time in this matter, I can only hope for a legislative change to come soon. It is a shame that these practices and so-called schools can get away with ripping off people who are just trying to better themselves. Thank you so much again for your help, George Starkes.

William B. Esq. :

I do wish you the best with this Mr. Starkes, and I too am hoping that the legislative change comes quickly. The current system is entirely unbalanced.

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