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Is it possible to send a book to an inmate at MCLennan County

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Is it possible to send a book to an inmate at MCLennan County Jail? What are the rules?
Thank you for your question.

The jail itself doesn't have a website, and I don't see any specific rules for jails within the state of Texas when checking the Department of Correction website. I would suggest that you contact the jail directly at(NNN) NNN-NNNNand ask for the mail room or, if that is not an option, to speak to someone familiar with the rules regarding sending inmate correspondence.

I can tell you some general rules that most jails follow for security purposes (but again, always good to double check these as different jails may have their own requirements).

1) Books generally must be shipped directly from a major vendor to the inmate (such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble online). A person cannot send the books themselves.

2) Nothing hardcover (they can be used as weapons).

3) No violent themes, no nudity, etc.

4) A jail may have height/weight requirements for books (e.g., they may not allow overly large books, manuscripts, etc).

5) Not all jails allow inmates to get magazine and/or newspaper subscriptions.

6) If an inmate is being disciplined (e.g., they are in confinement, or what inmates sometimes call "the hole", they generally lose all privileges, and that can include the right to any reading material outside of legal papers).
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