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I was walking a friends dog on a harness and lead our neighbors

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I was walking a friends dog on a harness and lead our neighbors puppy was loose and came up on the dog that I was walking and the dog I was walking bit the other dog. To help the other party I took there dog to a vet and paid 120.00 just to be told that the dog needed to go to another emergency Vet. It turned into a bill for 1150.00 apparently I signed an agreement to help these kids get there dog released. Now I have received a bill for the said amount and the owner of the bit dog has sense moved to another location.
The original charges came to their address and they apparently placed it unopened in my mail box and I opened it and saw that it was addressed to them and I then gave it to there uncle next door where the owner of the dog that was bitten was living at the time. They have sense moved away. The owner of the accused dog had told the bitten dogs owner that he wold help pay the expenses but they have sense moved away. Do I have to go to small claims court keep from paying the entire cost? I apparently am being charged for the whole amount, because I tried to help these kids get there dog released? What are my options? Is it on me now?
Are you saying that you put it on your credit card? And now you are looking for assistance in getting the bill paid? Thank you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No it seems that I signed for a new card, that pertains to vet health. My intent was to allow the Kids to be able to take there dog home after treatment. they didn't have any money or work so they were of course devastated

does a leash law have any impact here? I was just trying to help there kids out

I'm still a bit confused as to what your question might be. Reading your initial post, I thought you were inquiring as to whether you might be able to take the case to small claims to force other parties to share in the financial responsibility. But then, when I sought clarification, you answered with a "no" and then asked about a leash law. So, could you please state your specific question? Thank you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Apparently, I mistakenly signed up for a new credit service with a company called "Care Credit". I haven't signed the new card or used it, because, once signed on the back or making a payment, I will have accepted the charges as mine and mine only.

I had told the other parties that the owner of the offending dog would partially pay fo some of the cost. I do not want my personal credit affected by any missed or late payments.

So with the leash law do I have any recourse in say, small claims court, or did I commit to having signed my money away by trying to be a good neighbor ?

As to the credit card debt, and as I think you understand, any "fault" is irrelevant. All that matters in that context is whether you used the card to create the debt. If so, then this would legally be your responsibility.


Beyond that, and if the case went to small claims court, you could then argue that the other dog owner was negligent in not having the dog restrained. In the context of civil litigation, it would be important to prove who was responsible for what took place. If it could be demonstrated that the other dog was not properly restrained and that his approaching of the other dog caused the bite, then the judge might well find the other party to be responsible.

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