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I just won a small claims case including costs which = 259.00

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I just won a small claims case including costs which = 259.00 can that person file bankruptcy on that court award?

JD 1992 :

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JD 1992 :

They can't file bankruptcy just on that amount, there has to be at least $5000 in debt to file a bankruptcy.

JD 1992 :

But if they have sufficient other debt then they can file it and include that amount.


I was under the impression that you could not include a court ordered judgment in a bankruptcy, guess that's not so, I won by default because she did not show, but when she was served she said she was filing

JD 1992 :

No, judgments from courts are included all the time. There are some types of judgment that aren't dischargeable in bankruptcy, like where there is a specific finding of fraud, but those are rare. Most judgments are completely dischargeable.

JD 1992 :

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