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I live in Texas and the estate trust is being handled in Michigan.

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I live in Texas and the estate trust is being handled in Michigan. I have called to speak to the lawyer that is handling this trust and he refuses to call me back. He has sent the papers that I'm supposed to sign and send back, however I do have some questions.. What can I do to get this man to call me back ?

Donald Dillard

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When you call and leave the message that you have questions on what you are signing, what is the response from the staff - How many times have you called and when was the last time, please?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I've called 3 times in the last week. I'm told "he's out of the office, he's with a client, or he's on the phone. The last time was 2 hours ago.


Thank you

First rule of thumb a good attorney is a busy attorney.

So it may be that he is very busy and does not want to charge you for answering questions over the phone. Every minute is money

I suggest that you want to send him a letter with each question and then mail that letter to his office. Once he gets the letter, he will call with the answers. IT keeps your billing time down that way.

Or if you have email, get his email and send your questions that way and ask he call you with the answers

If you have other questions, you may reply here and I will continue to assist you. Otherwise, please rate "good to excellent" ~ Thanks and good luck
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