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We have signed up with American Travel Planners which is connected

Customer Question

We have signed up with American Travel Planners which is connected to sea to ski vacations in Colorado. I was excited about the membership and contacted them about my travel plans. A woman named Bethany had tried to reach me while I was on vacation. I called and left messages for her on March 6th and 7th before I found out that she was away until March 15th. I asked if someone else could help me. I spoke with Angela Figueroa who said she could help me with airfare, auto, condo, hotel, activities. Since we are planning a number of vacations this year she asked that I send her a detailed email, which I did on March 7th. No response. I sent an additional 3 emails and called and still got no response and haven't to this day. On March 15th I called Bethany and left a message. I continued to call and after a week of being unable to reach her I called and asked to speak with the supervisor. They put me through to Bethany. I had no idea she was the manager and I laughed due to the situation. She got very defensive, asked why I laughed. I told her what had transpired and she said she didn't know why Angela hadn't gotten back to me but she would check into it. When I said I had been trying to reach her for a week as well, she said she thought I was very rude for laughing. That they don't chase clients. Basically she blamed me for her not calling back which is ridiculous since I just told her how I had been trying and trying to get someone to help me. She sounded young, was rude, unprofessional and unwilling to take any responsibility. I said "your just a kid" because that what she sounded like. She felt that was so egregious that she said "that's it", told me never to call the office again that all future correspondence would be done via email and hung up. I have emailed her and asked for her supervisor. She refuses to give me a name saying that she does not have one. I mailed a formal complaint which they tried to deliver on April 5th with no success. I emailed her about the letter and they finally picked it up on April 18th. I have been away on vacation - a vacation that I asked them to help me with and got no response and had to plan myself. Upon getting home yesterday I found that there was no response to my complaint. I emailed Bethany again and asked her to confirm that the person in the office that handles complaints received it. She refuses to answer the question. She says to let her know if I want any travel arrangements made. I emailed again and asked her to address the question. Was the complaint delivered to the appropriate person and if not to please provide me with the name and contact info so that I can resend. No response. I went into this in good faith. I was promised outstanding service and got none. I don't want to deal with these people. What is my next step?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  socrateaser replied 4 years ago.

I'm a bit confused by your facts. It appears that you have yet to pay this business for any services. If true, then you don't need to do anything -- just stop doing business with them and seek another (preferably local) service provider.

If you have provided the business with any personal information, such as your credit or debit card number, checking account number, etc., then contact the bank and cancel your card or close your account immediately, before your account can be charged.

That's really the only two options. Complaining to a business is a waste of time. Businesses never pay attention -- until it's too late -- and then, they just file bankruptcy, because they failed to take care of their customers.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
Expert:  socrateaser replied 4 years ago.


I see that you rated my service as "bad." I'm sure you didn't intend to punish me just because you didn't like your options provided in the answer.


If we have miscommunicated in some manner, I would like to continue to try to assist you until you are completely satisfied. Please explain the reason for your rating, or ask for clarification, so that I can completely satisfy your requirements.

Thanks in advance for your kind attention.