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Ive been coaching and teaching at a high school in CT for

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I've been coaching and teaching at a high school in CT for 18 years. I have been pressured to pass students that don't deserve to pass . The principal and the Head of PE dept brought me into the office twice this year saying I'm not meeting the needs of the students. I was called into the office a third time but this time I did something wrong. I'm coaching a VarsitySoftball program with no money. The AD said to do your own fundraising. I couldn't do enough fundraising to cover the costs of equipment and uniforms.
The only $ we got was to pay someone to do the scorebook. I falsified time sheets by saying someone was doing the scorebook who really wasn't. She would give the $ back so I could use it for things the team needed. They saw it was my handwriting and questioned me. I was too intimidated to tell the truth so I lied. I asked for a meeting the next day so I could tell the truth.
The Head of HR talked to the Superintendant and he wants me to resign. Do I have a chance to fight for my job. I am dealing with a union lawyer. For 18 years I've taught I have a clean record. Why does my coaching mistake affect my teaching job?

Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

I am genuinely sorry to hear that you are in this situation. However what you are describing, innocent or not it may have been, is a very serious criminal offense. This is either fraud (as you were receiving funds that you were not entitled to receive to spend elsewhere even if still for benefit of the students) and also forgery. Both of those, if pursued against you, are potential felonies. This is a very significant oversight and as a consequence it appears to be really the best possible outcome if you are permitted to resign without a blemish. If they turn this public or press criminal charges (something that they can do), you will lose your position for cause and you will very likely be criminally convicted as well. This coaching mistake was still while you were representing the school, it was not unrelated to your position, and that is why the school can use it against you. I honestly cannot tell you what your union attorney suggested, but purely going by the facts you listed it really is not favorable to you. The suggestion to resign is quite likely the best offer you can get and I doubt you would be able to save your position.

Good luck.

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