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My wife and I both eighty years old

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My wife and I both eighty years old [Her to months older] She was Diagnosed with Dementia about a year ago.It was all set up by two women that called themselves her nieces. [no Blood relation at all]They flew her to Indiana and took her to the Chase Bank and had their names put on her Bank accounts. I got an attorney for [$5,2oo,oo dollars] to look into it and its been a year now and I have not heard one word from her.In the meantime These women keep calling my wife or [vica versa] and giving her instructions on how to confound me.[create problems,be contanckerous]I guess in the hopes I will have a heart attact. Lately my wife has been coming up with bumps and bruises[probably by their direction] and I'm afraid,at some point it will be blamed on me. We have been married for twenty nine years and until these women tried to get into her money,we had no problems.Question!! How do I protect myself from an abuse charge? there is only the two of us here.Should I call the police and have them to take a look at her?I can't get hold of my attorney,she won't call me back. Please Help......Charlie XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX...XXX-XXX-XXXX...cellXXX-XXX-XXXX...Thank you,......Charlie

Hi - my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm a litigation attorney. Thanks for your question.

You would contact the police department if elder abuse were occurring, but if you want to try and protect yourself from being accused of abusing her by these "nieces" who appear to be trying to drain money from her, you could call the state department of health services and inform them of the issue and they should come out an assess the situation, her health, condition, etc.

HOWEVER, you may want to report these nieces to the state attorney general's elder abuse office or even the local police as what they're doing could be considered elder abuse.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

last year one of the women said i abused Ellie and they sent an investigator out and said there was nothing to it ,which there wasn't.

I can't understand what to do about the attorney i paid.She is no help at all

The issue with the attorney is troubling - - especially since the attorney has been paid this kind of money. Your best option may be to contact the state bar association and file a complaint against the attorney. That will certainly gt the attorney's attention and should get you some type of results.
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