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I am trying to regain possession of my 9 year old yorkie dog

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I am trying to regain possession of my 9 year old yorkie dog from a rescue shelter.
I lost my housing and surrendered my dog but never signed any written
agreement. I have since gained stability housing ect, but even though my dog
is still posted on line for adoption they refuse to give me my dog and ignored
my letter of demand to return the dog. I reside n NJ the dog is located in AZ
the shelter LLC is in Tenn. the transfer of the dog was in AZ. What is the next
legal course of action to regain possession of my dog and in what jurisdiction?

JD 1992 :

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The most logical method is to file an Application for Turnover Order in the area where they are located.

JD 1992 :

That would require you establishing that you have a superior right to possession of the dog than they have.

JD 1992 :

AZ would be where you need to file.



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