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rules and laws for judicial abuse as they pertain to the Texas

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rules and laws for judicial abuse as they pertain to the Texas State Court.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking.

This is a very broad topic. There are all sorts of rules and laws that can cover things that may be considered judicial abuse depending on the specific situations that are scattered throughout the entire Texas code. However, the beginning point for any claim of judicial misconduct is the Texas Cannons of Judicial Conduct, which you can find at:

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can I direct you to my website


where you see transcripts from 6 court hearings which begin with Judge Martin Lowy stating clearly that there is no way for me to defend myself because no evidence of defamation was ever presented.

Then he awarded the plaintiff $4 million because he said that I hadn't followed his advice to get a lawyer and that he was going to strike my pleadings from the record so that he could then say that I hadn't responded in order to begin handing me Texas DEATH PENALTY sanctions.

This is not a skit for a movie or Saturday Night Live.

It is the real world, and the world has never seen anything like it.

What you don't see in those transcribed hearings is any mention of Texas being the wrong jurisdiction which I pleaded in the first telephonic hearing when there was no court reporter present.

I did not attend the 6 other hearings because I live in California and it would have been too much of a financial burden and besides I knew from the very start this was a fabricated lawsuit to steal from me $4 million.

You wouldn't be surprised that I have not met or communicated with the plaintiff and nor has he or Judge Lowy asked me to retract any statements that I have made either on the Internet or in emails that are defamatory because they would first of all need to be false and I would have to know that they are false.


You wouldn't be surprised when you read the last transcript on the day I was handed the $4 million DEATH PENALTY sanctions on January 21, 2011, the plaintiff admits that he has no proof of any compensatory losses due to my statements which the plaintiff knows are 100% the truth.

Yes, the judge goes on to say that he believes he is trampling on my Constitutional Rights as he then goes on to defame me by calling me a "nut" without explaining how much more nuts can judge be than to allow such a nutcase lawsuit to be allowed into his courtroom.


No, the judge did not admit on the record that he took a bribe of $2,000 from the plaintiff's lawyer 8 months before the lawsuit was filed and nor did the judge explain why the lawyer for the plaintiff broke the payment into two $1000 checks that were paid 3 days apart.

When you come across the plaintiff and his lawyer fumbling to find the statements of defamation which they told the judge were part of the 912 pages of exhibits they were entering into the court record on January 21, 2011 and the judge is saying that he also cannot find those nonexistent statements, you don't hear the judge reprimanding the plaintiff or the lawyer because all you hear is the judge handing them a $4 million judgment that includes $3 million in punitive damages, and then the judge asks whether they think I have the means to afford the fine.

I also kid you not when you read the lawyer for the plaintiff explaining to the judge that he and his client and with the cooperation of the judge should be the bastion to protect the public from people like me who are exercising our Right to Free Speech.

The fact that I haven't been able to find one practicing lawyer in the United States including the ACLU to jump in on all 4s to assist me in this most egregious abuse of the justice system to steal and defame a good person's name, tells you what?


Thank you for your new question.

From what you are saying and from reviewing the transcripts, it appears you have grounds to file an appeal on the case and this judgment would be vacated. You only had 30 days to file your appeal I am afraid and if you did not file your appeal this is a problem for you because you would need to then seek leave of the court for good cause to file an appeal out of time.

I have no idea how the judge came to this conclusion or why you cannot get an attorney to file your appeal I am sorry to say, but you also need to report this to the Texas Supreme Court Judicial Ethics Committee regarding the bribe and also to the FBI public corruption unit as that, as you know, is illegal.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Of course I filed my Appeal without an attorney and the Appeals Court of Texas found that they didn't like me not abiding by the double space lining, but nor did they say that they lacked the intelligence to see what every other lawyer, judge and human being who can understand evidence saw clearly; namely this corruption of the highest order extends to the highest levels of the United States Government.

So now I have answered your question why it is impossible for me to get my justice here in the United States of America without me being able to find one citizen with lawyer's license who has the courage to do the right thing.

Moreover, the plaintiff who like me lives in California, the same with the main defendant who Judge Lowy severed from the lawsuit right before handing me the $4 million bill, has now come to California to collect the $4 million which the California Court Judges have simply rubber stamped.

Below are the transcripts from the two hearings in California that I am now appealing:

I need to write a brief that explains why the California Superior Court Judge Bloom erred when saying that his hands were tied because as far as he is concerned the $4 million is a legal judgment because it has a Texas Judge signing his name and there is a stamp with a date and time showing it is Texas and that makes it legal and binding.

Assuming you had nothing better to do with your time, would you help me more assuming also you were assured I had a best selling book and I was more of a household name than Obama?

Try and project forward 150 years from now when we will all be dead, but my writings will remain for all those interested in the truth, would you like your name associated with me?

Isn't it amazing how short-sighted are the indifferent until they are informed by someone they are impressed with they should pay attention to what I have to say?

Thank you for your new question.

If you submitted your appeal in the wrong format, which you were responsible to know and use the right format, the appeals court should have given you an order to resubmit it in the proper format. However, I am astounded to see this happening in our legal system as this is something beyond what I have ever seen.

Unfortunately, it may come down to you having to file bankruptcy if at all possible to put an end to this madness and making your corruption reports on the Texas judge and attorney with the FBI and Texas Supreme Court.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You sound great.

Bear in mind I gave up on all justice once I came to terms with no citizens of the world screaming out once they knew there was one very obvious mineral monopolist allocating the resources of the world and quite confident the common herd would stick to believing that the valuing of the money was the most certain thing because it is in fact the only thing they were brainwashed to believe had to be good because it has those famous words In God We Trust; and the corrupt of course cannot possibly believe in God, which De Beers officials also figured out, and nor are they in the least bit bright, just smart enough to figure out the human condition that would have the humans only changing either when they all changed so that there would be no man left out or if one person such as myself made the convincing arguments.


Thank you. I am sorry for the delay in responding, but I am online from about 7AM every day and have to get sleep sometime.

I am sorry you have had to endure this travesty of justice in your case, As I said, you may have to consider filing bankruptcy, then the other party gets zero after all of their fighting with you, but you should at least have that option to get out from under if you cannot do so though appeals.

Please do not forget to click excellent service feedback as that is the only way experts get any credit for the time spent with customer.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes, the rating. Why not excellent service.


None of us have very long to live because we don't live very long considering all the harm we each do to the environment even when we are very innocent and dependent on others to feed us.


You obviously haven't read Edward Jay Epstein's 1978 The Diamond Invention book that is still available for free on The Internet otherwise you would be much more sympathetic to the plight of the poor of the world who stand no chance when the President of the United States who is willing to use Atomic weapons against a former ally and Japan only became an ally of the US when US Admiral Perry pointed his guns at the Japanese merchant fleet in 1855 and received a $20,000 bonus for intimidating Japan into submission, our first slave nation, breaks the first rule of war which is to charge and immediately execute all traitors who trade with the enemy.

This you read about in Ch. 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, although it does not spell out as clearly as the Bankers Manifesto of July 4, 1892 the consequences for the poor of the world, because it does not explain why President Franklin D. Roosevelt didn't order the OSS to execute Sir Ernest Oppenheimer for refusing Roosevelt's direct order to stockpile 6.5 million carats of industrial diamonds on US soil.


So you can be forgiven for not having the information, but you can also empathize with all the great many lawyers who have the information and have chosen to be silent when not doing everything within their power to see me nailed to the cross.

To suggest that there is shame on your profession does not do each of you the justice you deserve; but since there is a God that could have been the only thing possible to have created such a miserable species which is really most beautiful when it is innocent, we must of course celebrate everything, beginning with life.

Over and out.


Thank you very much for the suggestion on the book. I will get a copy to read as I get the time.

I understand your position about the poor and their lack of proper access to the justice system, we see that daily and that part of the system needs to be fixed.

I am afraid that in the legal profession, just like many other professions, there are the bad and the good. It is just that in the legal profession the bad are more visible because they are out there treating people so poorly and trampling their rights that they get more publicity than those attorneys who are trying to do good and help people.

Please do not forget to actually click on the excellent feedback on this thread as that is the only way the site gives us any credit for the time spent with you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Why is it you think, that I who come from the favored class and who was connected to the best as well as most expensive lawyers in the world, starting with Attorney General of the United States Robert F. Kennedy who along with his sworn enemy Aristotle Onassis was a client of my "extraordinary and inspirational" mother Zena who is still alive, haven't been able to find one good lawyer to assist me ever since I received the fabricated defamation lawsuit in February 2010.

Do I look like a procrastinator?

There is a good reason why you don't know of a single lawyer who works exclusively for De Beers because these lawyers nor De Beers promote their relationship but that does not excuse all the rest of the lawyers for being so out of touch with how the real world works.


I will of course be including our correspondence in my forthcoming book, D-Money Lie which my mother told me just the other day that she didn't think it would be as interesting as my life story which is not to say that my mother's life story wasn't very interesting given how she had the ability to expose the hypocrisy of both the Republican and Democratic Party for their undivided support of the South African Apartheid Regime who for an uninterrupted period of 46 years did the exclusive bidding of De Beers which was not lost for a moment on the poorest of the poor Black South Africans who voiced their opinions as loudly as they possibly could when hypocrite Senator Ted Kennedy visited South Africa in 1985 and we have to this day a photo of a Black South African holding up a placard which refers correctly to Kennedy as "Capitalist Kennedy" and to the protestor's left the placard reads:






Capitalism as you know is closely associated with competition and fair markets which are often interchanged by the experts and pseudo experts and intellectuals who are those that consider themselves smart because of their university education which they do not question because those doing the teaching, the professors keep repeating how smart they and their top students are by how well they suck up.

When you look at the May 1986 pamphlet THE REVOLUTION IN SOUTH AFRICA: AN ANALYSIS,


you will first of all remember that you and most all the people you consider good and smart were not in South Africa at the time.


Nor was I but that didn't mean I had forgotten all that had taken place in South Africa in the 21 years prior to immigrating to the United States in March 1978 which once you have the time to get caught up with everyone else such as Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. [email protected] - who I know intimately and Mr. Krinsk has been the major fundraiser for his Democratic friend, US Secretary of State John Kerry since 2000, the year after Mr. Krinsk Esq. and I began working together, you read in The Diamond Invention how important was March 1978 in The Diamond Invention that makes a farce of every law on the books of the United States of American and its allies.

You must have found time to hear that the big news item of the day is that Putin kept Kerry waiting for hours at the Kremlin but what you don't hear the media talking about is that Putin knew better than to be late for his photo shoot alongside De Beers head Nick Oppenheimer in Johannesburg, South Africa back on September 5, 2006, which Putin only made public on October 3, 2008 and which continues to be promoted on De Beers' as well as Nick O.'s Wikipedia profile.

All I am showing you is how so very late to the game you are, but that does not mean you have no choice in digging your heels in like Mr. Krinsk Esq. who I have been keeping informed of our dialogue, the same with a statistically valid sampling of the world's literate population, and therefore you might decide to do the right thing and the smart thing which is the right thing without me having to spell it all out.

Of course, you are in a total state of shock to hear that your and most of the "free world's" hero, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was aiding and abetting the enemy during World War II, and why when you go to places like Paris, France and see a major street and Metro station named after Roosevelt you feel so very proud to be an American; and you are most probably not Jewish.

Mr. Krinsk is Jewish but prides himself most on his intellect that he has always believed translated into his ability to "make money" specializing in shareholder class action lawsuits [SCALs] as he also traversed into the Anti-Trust litigation business where he has been riding the coattails of the Feds.

One call from Mr. Krinsk to Mr. Kerry could have easily ended this travesty of justice but Mr. Krinsk's oversized ego which didn't prevent him from writing me a personal condolence upon the passing of my amazing Allied Fighter-Bomber-Pilot father Bernie Gevisser last August 27th, has him continuing to do the wrong thing.

It is also most likely that you are not as well travelled as me internationally and even if you were, it is most likely you travel like most Americans who travel little outside of the United States and they never make a point of asking people like the Parisians, "Can you explain to me what was so great about Roosevelt that you would grant him high status in this most magnificent City of Light?"

You cannot possibly have compassion for the poor when you fail to examine which group of people profited the most after WW II, and at the top of the list are Jewish lawyers-politicians like Mr. Krinsk Esq. and medical doctors who were the easiest to be bought off because it really does not require much intelligence to be a book worm.

They all, however, can be forgiven because it is not them who did the corrupting of the weakest Jewish people and it was Jewish Americans who had the least amount of skin in the game of WW II, and you can see that by the extraordinarily low casualties of American soldiers who entered the war so very late, just like WW I, and only coming in to get their lion's share of the spoils of genocide on the mostly poor.


They all got fooled by lawyer Franklin D. Roosevelt, and so did most of the rest of the world because Roosevelt never once worse a Nazi Swastika band on his arm.

So when you finally get yourself a restful night's sleep and why not if you wake up still with a headache take no more than 2 aspirins, write to Mr. Krinsk Esq. but please leave me out of your dribble unless you decide to change your tune.

Sir, I did not say anything close to what you are saying about me. I do no know why you are talking to me in such an accusatory tone, when I have provided you the actual information you asked for in your initial question and have also promptly responded to your new questions and information you provided.

I have not disagreed with you. In fact, upon reading everything you provided I actually concur that what was done to you appears to be highly improper and inappropriate. However, I did not cause the facts and the situation you are in to occur and have merely been trying to give you information to help guide you, but I can only do so within what the laws provide and I cannot make up anything that does not exist in the law. The "dribble" as you put it was something that happened in your court case and that I have no control over, but you are now turning on me and treating me poorly because of something I had no control over.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You perfectly understand the significance of the travesty of justice that the unjust justice system has befallen me.


It is not just "bad men" who are responsible.


It is you, no different to everyone else who when given the information decide to attack me, instead of saying, "Thank you so much for educating me about the history which I should have figured out on my own before I decided to go law school or at least I should have been more aware of the world around me, so that at my first law lecture I would have had at the first opportunity to raise my hand, and ask the question, 'Professor, would you know what the consequences for the rule of law would be if the President of the United States of America broke the cardinal rule of war, which is to allow a raw war material supplier such as South Africa based De Beers to profit handsomely from supplying all sides to war before, during and after WW II to get away Scott Free?'


You must surely do, if not "pro bono" legal work for causes that you consider important, to know people like Mr. Krinsk and his wife Marcie who do a whole bunch of charity work and they in turn might know of someone good and with time on their hands to dedicate themselves to assist me in this matter at the same time help educate all those who don't yet have the information, but that assumes you also make more from this legal work that has you serving more than 72,000 clients to afford you to keep your head above water.

I must leave you now. If you wish to contribute more, email me:[email protected]

I am afraid that you are combining information to educate me as you say, which I appreciate, and also derogatory comments to me, which are not justified.

I do appreciate your educational information, just not the derogatory comments.

While I do take clients and pro bono work, the site rules and state laws forbid me from taking anyone from this site for any legal representation. So taking any type of representation from this site would cause me to be removed permanently and then I could not continue helping all of the people I do work hard to try to help.

You have a good day and thank you so much.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You would agree that given the apathy of all those not in the least bit happy to be learning so very late in life that the money that they all devote most of their lives to making is determined by the one group who profited the most from the President of the United States of America who broke the cardinal rule of war and in so doing making a farce of civil and criminal law as well as, and much more importantly common sense, I consider your latest response a joke.

It would be one thing if you were the first to react this way, but considering how many have said pretty much the same thing, when not deafeningly silent, you would have the most difficult time making a convincing case that you know of one good person, and that would mean they would have to be willing to be put to the test and be convincing to all the rest.


Mr. Krinsk would be the first to tell you that he is not the dumbest person in the world because he too realized why it was that throughout the 4 years, 1999-2003, that we worked very closely together, and might I add, we had a lot of fun, never once did I mention that I worked for De Beers, let alone at their highest level on US soil, not even when he suggested once we had Ronald O. Perelman of Revlon Corporation "on the ropes" that I focus my energies in destroying De Beers as he emphasized, "You have to destroy not only all their heads, but don't forget to quarter the body".

You would also know that in the world politics-economics there is no greater position in the United States of America than the United States Secretary of State who has access to all the CIA covert operations aimed at undermining the economy of America's slave nations, but still US Secretary of State John Kerry does not have the power and influence of Nick Oppenheimer of De Beers who can at a moment's notice summon any Captain of Industry including Putin to be seated across from him and looking very awkward and most of all skeptical because everything coming out of the mouth of Nick O. is total bullshit, other than when he commands his generals to wipe out all those opposed to the rule of mineral monopolist De Beers-Anglo American Corporation.

So now you have the clear explanation why it is that my support is so very thin, and the reason why you cannot simply put it down to chance that I have survived this long against such enormous forces of evil who didn't have the intelligence to figure out the consequences of Nick Oppenheimer's father Harry meeting with President elect John F. Kennedy at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan.

You can start anywhere in modern day history with me, and you will see how quickly I can show those events dictating what is currently happening in the financial markets, and all the talkers either go silent or they make little to no sense.


To have so many fools in the same Internet chat room willing to look stupid just to be able to make another buck or when they have enough resources to just go quiet, defies human understanding which requires that we be logical in how we predict the future.


De Beers have never paid their hijacked mercenaries soldiers such as the US military a fair wage, and why it is that they keep placing in charge lawyers such as Obama and Clinton who are neophytes in military that decides everything, beginning with the value of the money.

Given how you know that you perfectly understand what I am saying, so you can also just as well comprehend that Israelis in the Israeli cabinet and Chinese Government officials who also speak a perfect English can understand just as well, if not better.

I will no dignify your comment about my response being a joke, as it surely was not.

I appreciate the information you are providing and cannot say I disagree with the rest of what you are saying. However, we have provided you a service and have answered the question you asked us when you posted and you have now run off onto a completely different direction. I have responded to you promptly, professionally and courteously and have provided the service that our terms state we will provide. I cannot provide you service outside of those terms of service.

I do wish you all of the best here, but it is not proper for you to continue to insult me as I have done nothing or said nothing unprofessional or insulting to you nor have I placed you in the situation you now find yourself in.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You know that it is not important who said the words, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing".

All that is important is that it is wrong.

You cannot have any good that comes from people when given the information come up with every excuse not to do the right thing.

You make out like you have no choice as you keep repeating how you could lose your income if you decided to be different than someone like Mr. Krinsk Esq.

So tell me, how much richer would you need to be in order to expose human arrogance?

Roosevelt wasn't only about money because prior to Sir Ernest Oppenheimer commanding him to stockpile the diamonds on US soil, Roosevelt understood that he was a puppet of a foreign based monopolist who understood that the easiest politicians to corrupt were the ones whose people had the most shameful history.

Now imagine if I were able to get the ear of every American soldier, every Israeli soldier, every Russian soldier, every British soldier, every future terrorist, every child who hadn't yet been corrupted by the money, by simply having them read our debate, how many of them would kill just so that you can continue to enjoy your lifestyle?

Don't you think, we are done?

I thank you for increasing the circle of those dependent upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day, as well as helping me educate that many more of the next generation to question intelligently.

I must go now.

I believe we are done and I appreciate you honoring your agreement when you signed up for this service as you were provided the exact information you asked for. Thank you kindly.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Let me know if you want to be added to my email list; and you can reach me from my website