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An ex friend left things at my house.. He did not live at my

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An ex friend left things at my house.. He did not live at my house at any point nor did he have a key or ask me if I could keep it for him. He has had a year to contact me and make arrangements to pick it up and never has.. These items are worth less the $500.00. In the state of pa am I required to do anything before I can give it to good will. It's taking up space that I need. If I do give it to good will can he press legal charges on me?
Dear JACUSTOMER - So ling as there is no written contract as to you keeping these items and he was never a resident of your house then there is no legal reason that you must store the items. If you know where he is located I would send him a certified letter that you intend to dispose of the items on such and such a date. If he does not show up then you should go ahead and dispose of the property. That way you would be protected if he ever tried to sue. He can't "press charges" since this is strictly a civil, not criminal matter. By sending him a letter you can then say he was notified. If you don't know his location then you simply dispose of the items. You have no legal obligation to act as a storage facility.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
So I do not have any real reason to keep these items correct? I also can not be sued if I dispose of them without me notifying him correct? So being that these items are valued under $500 he can not take me to small claims court either correct? I am just making sure I am fully within my right to dispose of these items without any problems.
Anyone can sue anyone so I can't tell you that you can't be sued. All I can say is that he can't win the suit if there was no contract for you to store the items and he never lived in your home. If you don't know where he is located then you can't notify him.
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