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How to go after a camper company that didnt provide all they should

Customer Question

I just did an inquiry with an on-line Lawyer, but I was researching leveling bars for trailers in Maryland. I know in Ohio they required it, Tennessee required it and now Beckley's Camper Store says naaa, it is NOT required. Now if you have a car or truck with a hitch and you attach it to your car / truck, it could weigh as much as say 600 to 800 pounds of tongue weight, it is going to two things to your safety, first the weight will make the back end of your vehicle sag down a little and make your trailer nose down, causing and unsafe condition by letting the rear back tires of your trailer have less weight on them resulting in swaying. The leveling bar has a purpose in life being they not only stop swaying, but keep the two vehicles equally level with each other, thus better handling and performance. I just get the funny feeling after talking to the Sales Manager, the Service Manager and the Salesman who tricked my deaf Daughter and her Boyfriend into buying the 32 foot long travel trailer without hooking it up the right direction, but also not showing them how to hook up their water, turning on the pilot light for the hot water heater / shower / sink, sewer, or electricity. They said it was sold as-is and not honoring the needs of towing it to the wrong place and in the wrong direction, cutting it loose and high tailing it back to Thurmont. I've had 3 campers in my life, and upon sale of each, they always provided me a leveling device for sway control. Beckley's is working too hard to make as much profit as possible by screwing their Customers out of attachments. I am reporting this to the Federal Trade Commission, National Highway and Safety Board, Maryland State Police, Circuit Court, MVA and just to go on record, my Lawyer.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 4 years ago.

Maryland law, unlike Ohio and even Wisconsin, does not specifically mention leveling bars, just a tow bar. The MD law states, that every full trailer shall be equipped with a tow bar and means of attaching the tow bar to the towing and towed units.

The tow bar and means of attaching the tow bar to the units shall be structurally adequate for the weight drawn; be mounted properly and securely, without excessive slack, but with enough play to allow for universal action of the connection; and have a suitable locking device to prevent accidental separation of the towed and towing vehicles.

The mounting of the trailer hitch of the towing vehicle shall include sufficient reinforcement or bracing of the frame to provide sufficient strength and rigidity to prevent undue distortion of the frame.

Every trailer and semitrailer equipped with a tow bar and any special mobile equipment being towed shall be coupled directly to the frame of the towing vehicle with 1 or more safety chains or cables, and the chains or cables shall be connected to the towed or towing vehicle and to the tow bar to prevent the tow bar from dropping to the ground if it fails.

While it appears that from your description, this particular seller is not big on goodwill or helping customers, by the letter of the MD law, they are not violating the law, but if they tow this trailer into another state where a leveling bar is required and they do not have one, then the person towing the trailer is still in violation of the law in that other state.