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I have written to Ford Motor Company in Michigan, I have

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I have written to Ford Motor Company in Michigan, I have attempted 3 times to get it repaired at Ford Motor Company in Frederick, MD, and was directed by Ford in Michigan to take it to Mt. Airy, MD, who kept my truck for several days and again came up with nothing. I would like a Judge or Jury to test drive my truck, although out of warranty now. One of these days it's simply going to blow up and kill somebody. The Service Manager said that it was not under warranty (even if I had only 1100 miles on it), the Maintenance intake Guy named Jim, said it was under warranty. Every time I go to get my oil changed, the Technicians tell me that my*****differential box is without 90 grade rear end grease. They refill it. I am thinking about su-ing Ford Motor Company for deliberately repelling me when I ask them to check the slip axle. I am a 100% service connected disabled veteran from the Vietnam era, so I am not rich by any means. The last truck I bought was from GMC and after 3 serious breakdowns, my Lawyer got me a new one. Why do Dealers make it so tough to make things right? Doesn't the Factory re-imburse them?
Dear Customer, thank you for choosing Just Answer, I would like to help you with this difficult matter. Your vehicle's warranty is a matter of contract which means that you can review the exact terms in the document itself to see if the drive train component you are dealing with is covered (the differential usually is but you must check your document). In addition the dealer has a duty to provide a car that is serviceable (the implied warranty of merchantability) regardless of the written warranty, and you are probably protected by the "lemon law" of your state, check your attorney general's website for this information and how to file a claim.
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To enforce your rights under these conditions, you first must offer the dealership reasonable opportunity to repair the vehicle (it appears you are doing so, but again, check your state's attorney general's website for the specific requirements for lemon law repair) then you can file for arbitration with that program.
If that doesn't work, or as an alternative (more expensive) you can sue the dealership and the manufacturer for breach of contract.
Dear Customer. Thank you for the kind rating, it is greatly appreciated. I wish you the best of luck in this matter. Best regards Bill.