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I am being stalked relentlessly by my next door neighbor. He

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I am being stalked relentlessly by my next door neighbor. He is a general contractor and leaves no obvious proof of his breaking and entering. I am a single, mentally ill,(major depression)woman who is some what reclusive, and lacks economic resources. The police have asked me to stop calling, as I have no proof. I feel hopeless but will not give up.Albuquerque, NM

I note that among the things you have tried, it does not appear that you have tried a security camera.

Such cameras are relatively inexpensive. If you can afford ADT, then you can afford to install one security camera inside your home. If it is hidden, so it cannot be easily found, then the next time you believe the neighbor has entered, the camera will display his presence, and you will have your proof.

Since he has allegedly entered many times, you probably know where he is likely to be in the house, so that's where you would install the camera.

Note: You have disclosed that you have a diagnosed mental disorder. This makes your allegations difficult for law enforcement to take seriously. I am taking your allegations seriously, but you have to acknowledge that unless and until you have clear proof of the neighbor's entry into your premises, you will get nowhere with your claims.

So, you cannot dismiss my suggestions -- because they are likely the only way you will be able to prove your claim.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
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