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looking for my boss who isnt as patient as I am.She has

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looking for my boss who isn't as patient as I am.

She has a truck that belonged to her father she wanted refurbished and the mechanic has had it for a very long time. She has had enough.

She is looking for a lawyer to write a letter to the mechanic to stop work and release the truck. She also believes the guy is selling the parts and now that she wants it returned is scrambling since he probably just got caught.

The lawyers in Delaware she has talked to want a commitment to indefinite hours at $200+ before even considering writing a letter. She wants to do a letter first then decide how to proceed depending on the response.

Not having much luck finding someone who will do a letter first before requiring a large retainer and committing to a prolonged battle.

No one at is permitted to draft a letter on their own letterhead on behalf of a customer. I can help draft a letter, but your boss will have to send it herself on her own letterhead.

If that's acceptable, then let me know and I'll crank something out for you.

Thanks in advance.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

She really thinks that a letter from a lawyer would be more fruitful.


I was kinda hoping to get a name of a Delaware Lawyer who would be willing.



It's unlawful to make direct referrals from this website. You can contact the Delaware State Bar legal referral service (click here). Or, your boss can enroll in a prepaid legal service insurance plan -- which usually have very low monthly subscription fees. Such plans always provide letter writing from a licensed attorney in the jurisdiction as part of the insurance benefit. This is the most typical means of handling the type of problem you describe. Here's an example website. You can search for others. I just pulled the sample off of the internet. I'm not permitted to recommend (or disparage) any third-party service.

Hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes that helps.



Great. Best wishes.