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I am buying a car in Washington County, Oklahoma. What exact

Customer Question

I am buying a car in Washington County, Oklahoma. What exact steps do I need to take and what exact papers I need to collect from the private seller to make sure that I don't get defrauded in terms of proper transfer of title.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Thomas McJD replied 4 years ago.


Hi, I will be happy to assist you, and it is my goal to make you a very satisfied customer! This may take a few minutes, so thanks for your patience.


Really you just need to ensure you get the title and that it's signed over to you from the person shown as the owner on title and that the title transfer is notarized as required by Oklahoma law.


Here is an example:



You need to ensure no lien is recorded on the title. If it is, you need a lien release.


If the vehicle not more than 9 years old, you need an odometer statement (which is usually part of the title).


Finally, you need purchase price documentation - selling price listed on the title assignment (when block provided), a purchase contract, bill of sale or a Declaration of Vehicle Purchase Price (OTC Form 722-1)


Could I provide additional assistance? If not, I would be grateful for a positive rating for my assistance. Thanks!

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Here is the situation.

The seller owes $14000 on the car.

I am buying it for $10,000.

I am asking him to give me his lien holder's name to make the certified check out to.

I am asking him to bring a pay off statement along with a certified check for $4,000.

I will go to the tag agency (DMV) with the notorized paperwork to get them to verify that everything is fine.

We will then go together to post office to overnight the two checks to the lien holder.

I will get the keys and possession of the car from him.

Will that work?

Is there anything missing?

What kind of gotchas to look out for?

How to get the lien release papers if the seller is not cooperative after handing over the car and the keys?

Expert:  Thomas McJD replied 4 years ago.

No, possession AND title is key. Then, of course, you want to get the lien release statement once he has received it.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
What happens if the seller "disappears" and does not send the lien release??
Expert:  Thomas McJD replied 4 years ago.
You would have to contact the lender and request a duplicate original with proof of purchase and title to the vehicle.