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Im still the pro se plaintiff in Federal court & my case is

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I'm still the pro se plaintiff in Federal court & my case is to be heard on May 20th. I am going up against 5 police offericers that lied in their statements & reports. The police lawyer is a high profile Seattle attorney & he asked the court to dismisss my case. The judge said no, that there was enough evidence to show that there was misconduct on the part of the police & that I was hadicapped & elderly, so there was no reason to handcuff me on the ground & put an assualt rifle at my head. No lawyer wants to touch this case & I contacted about 100. Too many mistakes by the former lawyer I paid in full thru trial, then she dropped me after filing my suit in a Superior court. & the police lawyer moved it to Federal court. This is a mess, but I won't give up. The dispatcher made an error when she reported that I had a gun & was going to kill people. I never owned a gun & police never found a gun. I had been out searching for my daughter that had run away & the guy that picked her up at 4am called police to say I was coming over to his house. There is no mention of a gun in the 911 call, but dispatcher reported this to police anyway.

I have to meet with a mediator before May 15th, 2013 and pay half of the cost. Do I have to have the police lawyer there? Can I met with meditor alone, or in another room? I don't like him as he has helped police lie & told me he will sue me for the cost of this trial when they win. Can he? I was told it couold cost up to $300,000. He is bringing in a "expert" witness [$200 per hour plus expenses] who only read the false reports from the police. Plus his $300-$500 per hour & expenses. If I lose, I will lose my perfect credit, my home.....but I have to do what is right. I now have PTSD & very afraid of police, haven't seen my only child in 3 1/2 years. I can't drop this case as I have to live with this. I use to think I had a 1-2% chance of winning, but I now think maybe 50-50% because the judge said this should mbe heard by a jury. If I lose, will I have to pay their lawyer? Can I declare

bankruptcy to remove this legal debt?? I have never done this before, Is there any lawyer out there that can take this case here in Seattle?
I have already paid out thousands of dollars in fees but can still pay someone to help me!!!

LADYLAWYER : Hello, Thanks for choosing! I look forward to helping you with legal information today.
LADYLAWYER : The police attorney will definitely be at the mediation. You can let the mediator know ahead of time that you want a caucus from the very beginning of the mediation and that you do not want to be in the room at all with the defendant or their attorney--even for opening statements.
LADYLAWYER : If you lose, you might be saddled with the legal fees, yes. But you won't lose your home and yes, you can definitely declare bankruptcy to discharge the judgment.
LADYLAWYER : While we cannot recommend any specific attorneys, I can give you this site: to try to find attorneys in your area. Usually though, it is very difficult to find an attorney to go up against the government or the police. You probably have already talked to a lot of the attorneys on that site, but you may want to try looking under "civil rights" attorneys. You may also want to contact a larger justice agency like the ACLU.
LADYLAWYER : Happy to answer any further questions about this if you should have them!
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