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I purchased a puppy from a pet store in Georgia. It was acting

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I purchased a puppy from a pet store in Georgia. It was acting strangely and therefore I took it to a vet. X-Rays revealed nothing and I was referred to a Neurologist for an MRI. MRI revealed that the puppy had a congenital disease "fluid in the brain". This bill alone cost me $2400. I humanely had the puppy euthanized. I went to the pet store and talked to the manager. He agreed to replace the puppy and pay $1000 of the vet bill. I thought I should be made whole - and therefore reimbursed for all monies I paid out.


I am an attorney with more than 25 years experience. I will provide your information today and look forward to assisting you.

I am sorry to hear of this situation with your puppy.


Unfortunately, GA does not have a Puppy Lemon Law. However, you do have a right to a new puppy and the cost of the Vet bill.


It is suggested, however, that when you get a new puppy it is taken to your vet within 72 hours and that any problems may be detected immediately.

I suggest that you will also want to review your purchase contract and what those provisions say about an illness or death of a newly purchased pet

If you feel that you want to be made whole and the store owes you another $1400 then you will need to bring a small claims lawsuit against the store. You can do that on your own. You just need to find out who is the "Resident Agent" for the business and then have that person served once the suit is filed.


You can get the documents to file the lawsuit from the clerk of the court and you can find the Resident Agent via the GA Secretary of State Business Division. Here is that link


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