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We saw this add online it was surrounded by MSNBC etc about

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We saw this add online it was surrounded by MSNBC etc about making money online. It was $100.00 to sign up. It is called work at home and it featured someone from our home town who was doing quite well. There was a man name Kyle from Impact Knowledge Institute who contacted us and offered us 12 teaching sessions on how to make money online by doing postings. The cost was $3200.00 we had a $1000.00 on our credit card left and they loaned us the balance to get started. In order to get this loan we had to present them with our social security number and our credit card number. We talked to our daughter today and she said not to do this. She sent us websites about this company. They have not offered us any teaching services yet. They have already charged our credit card the $1000.00. Can we get this back and cancel the loan. We are also worried about our social security numbers and the credit card number. Can you please help us.

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Your daughter was absolutely right in telling you not to get involved. There are so many scams on the internet that it is impossible to keep track of all of them. Many times, they will take as much money as the can, close down, and then reopen another website, using another name


Q. When did you give them your personal information, credit card account number, and Social Security Number, i.e., how long ago ?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We gave them the information on 4.23.13 and also signed an electronic loan contract. Our credit card has been charged $1000.00 too.

Hi, Geoffrey, Thank you for your additional information,


I have never dealt with this organization, therefore, I cannot speak from personal knowledge, but I understand that many complaints have been filed against them on If I were in your position, I would not want to be involved with them, or any other company that demands so much money online. Here, are the steps, I would take to get out of this deal, and I would take all the steps simultaneously:



1. Report them to the following website. It is made up of 3 US Government agencies, one of which is the FBI and they are a group that oversees and tracks down internet fraud:

Internet Fraud -


2. Report them to the Federal Trade Commission because they are the arm of the Federal Government that acts as a "Watchdog" over consumers:



3. Report them to the Hawaii Attorney General's Office:


Both the Attorney General and the FTC have the power to investigate and prosecute and so, theyare pretty powerful offices;


4. Actually, this step should be taken first - Call your credit card company and ask to speak to the "Fraud Division" (Not the Dispute Department). Tell them that you were a victim of internet fraud, that you have reported them to the Attorney General's Office and the FTC, and ask the credit card company to cancel your account and issue you another card with a different account number and this will prevent them from coming back to charge you again. Ask the credit card company to remove the fraudulent charge and not to permit this company to charge you for anything further. They will send you some paperwork to fill out, sign and return to them.


By taking all of the above steps, the charge will be removed from your account, they will not be able to put future charges on your new credit card account, and you will have the FBI, the Attorney General of Hawaii and the FTC investigating them, with the latter two having the power to prosecute them.


5. I am not sure, but I believe that they are in Utah. If that is the case, you should also contact the Utah Attorney General and file a Complaint with that Office as well:



6. Write to the organization that took your money and demand a full refund. Tell them that you have already reported them for Internet Fraud and list all the other offices, above, and tell them you filed a formal Complaint and reported them to all of those Prosecuting Offices, and again demand your money back. You do not have to tell them that you have already spoken to your credit card company and I am not telling you to do something dishonest like seeking a double recovery. The reason I am telling you to tell them this is so that they will think twice before trying to collect on the loan. Tell them to cancel the loan because you reported that also to all of the above Offices,

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Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you,




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