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constitutional law matter for due process and privacy rights

Customer Question

constitutional law matter for due process and privacy rights .
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  P. Simmons replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for the chance to help. I am an attorney with over 12 years experience. Hopefully I can help you with your legal question.

Can you tell me your question please?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks for your willingness for your help right now i am on company time i need to wait to get home to use my home pc and ask my 12 year old son for his help. perhaps you will be able assist me with sound advice on property rights concerning due process under article 14 of the us constitution regarding a gov agency. (DEP) trying to get ownership of someones property . will get back to you at a later time.

Expert:  P. Simmons replied 4 years ago.
Yes sir, let me know...I will be around today
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

dear sir, i was unable to return a reply on 4-27-13 however i realize today is Sunday and it might longer for your reply answer. I like to know if you could get a court order for myself or some kind of a class action court order on the federal level to delay the 5/16/13 date to sell water liens to all home owners in new York city who cant get the exemptions to prevent a 9% annum , compounded daily for homes that are worth less than $ 250.000. and for homes that have assessed value of over $ 250.000 will accrue at the rate of 18 percent per annum compounded daily, so in my case i need to pay for less than $ 5.000.for a water bill from (DEP) by 5/16/13 and then the lean holder can charge $30,000 for one month if I cant pay that amount than they can start to foreclose on my( $ 500,000 ) house. i think i have about $ 150,000. of equity in my house. someone tryed to get mortgage on my propertys of about $ total amount, from 3 mortgage banks. Because only one bad credit score out of the three was low they could not get any money.if I should pay the amount of money they want me to pay right now my bank account would go down to a less then a $ 500. bal i am unable to pay any bills at this time until I find out the outcome of my emergency request for a small amount of funds.also I might add that i am a father of 4. and going down to low bal is not a good idea at this time until i know for sure the emergency money will be in my bank ASAP. ( i just put in paper work in on 4/24/13 for a emergency withdrawal from my 457 k retirement account .than i was told that their office it will be a meeting for all deferred compensation accounts for emergency withdrawals on 5/1/13.) i will most likely get the small withdrawal i am requesting before 5/16/13 . however based on what i said above under amendment # 14 of due process that i think (DEP) the water bill should be in with the escrow of the real estate taxes the court papers if you could get the court to but off the sale of liens.I think most likely the only city in the U.S.that will take your home from a unpaid water bill. was not able to pay my water bill it started by not getting the bill for a year (DEP) sent the bill to 159-05 85 th Street instead of ave.then my 2nd home I had since 1983 almost fell into forecloser about five times in the last 3 years at present i have about 75% of market value of the house paid. I do not know what it would cost for you to file a constitutional # 14 case regarding due process . however i could perhaps make a payment plan to pay you in full in less than two years .maybe no one could fright city hall - thank you for your time concerning the above matter if you need any - paper work faxed to you please reply with your office fax phone #. my office phone # is XXX-XXX-XXXX. take care hope to hear a positive reply!

Expert:  P. Simmons replied 4 years ago.
Sir I do not know the answer to your question, but will send this along to another attorney who may.