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Dave Kennett
Dave Kennett, Lawyer (JD)
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The judge granted me my request but i just dont like the way

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The judge granted me my request but i just don't like the way he treated me v. the other side. for example he wanted to know what the next hearing on this case is and instead of asking us both he just said "counsel". i was not allowed to talk as much as the other side did. i actually volunteered and said :"my i respond" and the judge just ignored me
I completely understand but different judges have different personalities and if you are not used to being in court on a regular basis it can sometimes seem that the judge is being rude or ignoring you but I assure you that the judge is only interested in applying the law to the case and not interested in becoming popular with the litigants. So the fact that you don't personally like the judge is not a basis for changing judges and no request of this type will be granted. I certainly don't "like" all the judges in my area but I have to practice in front of them every day so I have to try to get along. So long as you the results of your case are according to the law then you will have nothing to worry about and hopefully you will never see this judge again.
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