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I have a Pennsylvania drivers license. I got a ticket in California

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I have a Pennsylvania drivers license. I got a ticket in California while on vacation last summer for going thru a redlight (one of those camera deals). Didnt even know I did it until I received the citation telling me to pay $480. Which is frick'in outragous btw. I never paid the ticket. Yesterday I received a notice regarding the violation and they now say I owe $780 - $300 penalty added. This is absolutely absurd! What are my options at this point?

If I never pay it and am never get pulled over in CA again will I be ok?
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They can still issue a warrant for you and if you get pulled over in CA they can/will take you to jail. I've never seen them put tickets onto the national warrant database.

There is an interstate compact where the states agree to honor driver's licenses suspensions and fines. PA is a "partial" subscriber to the compact and I have heard of cases where they do honor the other state's fines and cases where they have refused. There doesn't appear to be much rhyme or reason to when they do and do not honor them but the last one I am familiar with was a CA ticket issued for speeding and PA never suspended the license or asked that the fine be paid. However, be aware that the situation can change based on a lot of factors.

If you want to read more about the compact you can do so at

I usually don't send people to wikipedia for info because it's not always accurate but in this instance it is.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So it sounds like I should pay it?? Maybe call and get some one on the phone and see if they would drop the penalty portion?? Try a little negotiation maybe??

You may want to call and negotiate it, you may want to talk to a traffic ticket lawyer there where you got the tickets. Sometimes their fee is less than what you will save if they can negotiate it down.

I wouldn't just not pay it because it can cause a lot of problems in the future if PA suddenly agrees to enforce CA tickets, if you are in CA and get pulled over you can go to jail and have to spend a lot bonding out, etc.
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