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How can I help my 24 years old daugther from destroying herself

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How can I help my 24 years old daugther from destroying herself with alcohol? I baker act her, it didn't work, I marchman act her now she's on probation for smoking pot but she stil drinking and I get lost in the process. I can't get in touch with her P.O. and I don't know where to go. She's drinking half a gallon of heavy alcohol a day. Please help. I'm glad I find this site.

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I am sorry to hear of your daughter's troubles with alcohol. Alcoholism is a very strong and deadly disease. It is so powerful that it will not allow the person drinking it to admit that they have a problem and will not allow the person to ask for help.



1. ase tell me what the results were when your daughter came under the Marchman Act


2. Was there a hearing under the Marchman Act ?

3. Did the Judge Order your daughter to get in-patient treatment for 60 days under the Marchman Act ?

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

On the hearing date I was in the hospital with a mild heart attack due to the situation so my second daugther went to the hearing. The judge put her on probation for a couple of month for smoking pot but the alcohol is getting worse, now she has a new boyfriend who's also drinking with her. I don't want to put her in the street because she was a gifted child who drop out of college just one semester before completing a degree in Criminalogy and psychology from FSU, but I want to know where to go and what to do to help her.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

She also said that, she doesn't want to be in patient, we took her to AA meeting once but she doesn't want to go back anymore, according to her she'll do it on her own but it's been 5 years now with no change.

Hello, Marie, Thank you for your additional information, I am very sorry to hear about your heart attack. I know how hard it must be for you,


Believe it or not, withdrawal from alcohol is more dangerous than withdrawal from drugs, and she should not try to do it on her own because it can be fatal. Whether she likes it or not, or agrees with it or not, she will need in-patient treatment. She can have that in a Rehab because they have doctors and nurses and she will be given proper medication to avoid seizures from withdrawing from alcohol.


You can only accomplish this by filing a Petition under the Marchman Act because whether she likes it or not, she will have no choice and cannot refuse in-patient treatment at a Rehab when the Judge signs an Order placing her in a Rehab for in-patient treatment for at least 60 days and the Judge has the power and the authority to extend her in-patient stay another 90 days. If she attempts to leave in-patient treatment at the Rehab before the Judge allows her to, the Judge will send her to jail, and believe me a Rehab is like a vacation compared to being in jail.


You will need a lawyer to take the right steps and prepare the Petition with the appropriate language in the the Petition under the Marchman Act. The lawyer will speak to the Judge about the necessity of in-patient treatment so that your daughter is not allowed to leave the Court without an Order from the Judge to go directly to in-patient treatment.




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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Where can I get a lawyer for that particular situation?
After my rating would I still get your answer for the remaining 6 days?


Hello, Marie,


1. Please tell me in what County of Florida you reside so that I can give you some links to legal help and representation,



2. You asked,


"After my rating would I still get your answer for the remaining 6 days?.........."





Q. What is supposed to happen in the next six days ?

I do not understand your question. Please clarify,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Ms. Andrea,


I leave in Miami, Florida

The site stated that my trial is for 7 days, so I needed to know if I will still get answer from you for the remaining days.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Ms. Andrea,


A: I am in Miami


A: My trial is for 7 days, I needed to know after I rate you would I still be able to get answer from you for the remaining days.

Hi, Marie,


The Experts do not have access to a customer's account, or what kind of account they have. If you have any questions regarding your account, Customer Service will be glad to explain and answer all your questions.


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I wish you the best of Luck,




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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No need to get upset, this is my first time using this service, I was just asking question not knowing where to go and who to ask, that was all. Thank you for your answer, I'll not ask you anymore and please accept my apology.


Please accept my apology if you got the wrong impression. I could see that you had questions about how the site works and that is why I explained it to you. But, with reference to your question about your account, the Experts do not have access to customers accounts and Customer Service is glad to answer those questions. That is why we have to direct the customer to Customer Service if they have any questions regarding their accounts. They can be reached at [email protected] .


I wish you and you daughter the best,