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i received a civil case for a car accident from 2 years ago.

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i received a civil case for a car accident from 2 years ago. My daughter was the driver and my name was still on the CA registration
they are claiming 6800 from state farm on an accident that I dont even know whom is filing the claim with state farm
i have 30 days to respond
how do I fight something 2 years old that I have never even received notice for until a civil case was filed
any info or help would be appreciated
Were you and/or your daughter covered by insurance at the time of the accident?
How old was your daughter at the time of the accident?
Is your daughter also being named as a defendant?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

She was 21 at the time..I am getting written confirmation as to whether or not she had insurance that day I believe she was

and yes she is also being named as a defendant

Dear JACUSTOMER - The short answer is that if she was covered by insurance then all she needs to do is turn this in to the insurance company and they will provide the defense to the suit. I'm not certain on what basis they are suing you if she was driving but if you were insured you should also contact your carrier. When you pay insurance premiums you are also paying for free legal service if you should have a claim filed against you. If there was no insurance you will have to represent yourself and your daughter will have to do the same by filing an answer with the court. I can explain in general how that is done but I am not permitted to represent clients or prepare documents from this website. Before I get into more detail it would be helpful to know if there was any insurance since if there was you will not need to do anything but contact your carrier. Since your daughter is an adult you are not responsible for any of her debts. Please let me know if you need further information. I will be off line for a couple of hours but will respond as soon as I return.
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