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FOR PAUL: query,for ya... On someone who reach me today,for

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query,for ya...
On someone who reach me today,for emotional support,encompassing if warranted review her doc(s)and just go over with her,my own consensus;help her find lawyer,so i,as always told her i am going to get on here to see what i can learn the "facts"and law on this.

here,are the set of fact(s)feasibly legal malpractice.

1.)She was bless on her own to find at least"1"attorney after she interview,by via email and phone get this,paul around 52 i've counted on her notes;documentation etc.all who said, that your not able to "sue"cps.

2.)person i will call "Tina"is distraught today,she was even at the E.R.from such handling and what happen today.

3.She prior,had call attorney to "verify"and see just how her lawsuit against cps is coming along,by deadline May 1st!(less than 1 short week away paul. . .

4.Attorney shockingly calls her 1 hr and a 1/2 ago,citing"premise on the fact"she has 1
non-criminal (civil family court)1 incident of a light discipline act,the spanking on record
a"finding it is called"in nyc/nj tri-state,he "during reviewing the APPEAL decision"can't do

5.Tina,in shock adage, but we have a agreement.Your promising me,"I will get this all filed
and properly framed"for you,don't you worry tina,it will be implemented by end of april,in
time for the 1st of May file;pursuant to the warranted AMEND-Claim for money damages.

6.Tina,told me paul,heather he inform her today"I can't do this."He then started screamin
odd statements,that has nothing to do with anything,almost like he was attempting to think of a way to"Get out of it,since again he did agree paul to drafting her amend suit complaint"due within few days!(She said finally he calm down a bit,when she brought up the fact,he promise her paul,and deadilne is in few days only"

his suggestion:

Your going to have to do it yourself,now and or find another attorney!
When she yell,"in few days???"a suit of this nature? how can you do this to me
and sadly,he was trying to say well,"i never really sign anything to REPRESENT you."

PAUL here is what i see supporting feasible malpractice:
He claim,toward end of conversation,he never really said he will represent,assist her but;
she was smart.It is on tape paul,legal to record a "1''party convo,in state paul.

b.Attorney who signed-on,through"verbal oral agreement'clearly identified,"each claim"and
in furtherance paul,"he writes memo/notation for her!"regularly!He also did 95% of it for
her!So how can he attempt to now say,"i am not able to represent you"and i did not ever
agree to it,and "my paralegal maggie,and i really didn't do any work,involving this suit."

Paul,again i've seen the draft.Trust me...He did it!(BTW,it look great,like how well i write)
as a certified decade and a 1/2 strong,prowess-paralegal,so he did it,and or maggie sir.)
his secretarial/paralegal.I think he assume,she was not astute enough to start looking at this as feasible malpractice,hence my question is clear.

Is this feasible mal?
what should;and or can "tina do?"

I've suggested first to:
1. Reason with the man late 60s,who allege is a 25 to 30 yr.seasoned,skilled attorney & should understand her,plight,and premise on such he agreed because of her fight,and her time left(few days)he signed on verbally to implement,he promise on recording it will be DONE.but yet paul now is "backing out."without ANY Reasonable explanation,(see above)

2.Call him back,(after her physician clear her from E.R.)to do so,and try to explain your goin to also sign a bar complaint,and sue him,if he attempt to leave her hanging days paul before court!(a amend has to be file by may 1st paul...)

3. I inform her since i can relate to such (from family member)2004.i inform her back then my family member was able to convince him,to do what he promise,to avoid a lawsuit and bar complaint(s)

But paul after reading all of the facts here, with tina,this is somewhat legal mal or no?

NOTE:i called one attorney per her hired-request,for me to call lawyer(s)online and off
search for her,and i know one already cited,YES it is LEGAL MAL,but he is trying to find a atty.for her,through me her advocate/referral guide,because he going to L.A. on trial for personal injury TODAY,in three hours.he said,IF SHE HAS ON TAPE conversations(12) and
moreoever,importantly"tape going over the case as if he was representing her by saying so and the DRAFT AMEND then yes that will increase her chance,at a valid claim.

ok TAKE UR TIME,i need a full good answer of fact on this,IF your warranting add'; info
i am here!
(((she is still at E.R. her co-worker inform me earlier)because the"shock of this"she got a heart pain,only early 40s,and no history of heart prob,it was i believe the shock of it all.
her deadline is in few days,and no 1 is able to help her,after she rely 100% on attorney i will call "bob."

Thank you for your new question.

Yes, if an attorney delays to the eve of the deadline for filing suit without communicating to their client and without giving them sufficient time to file, this is indeed malpractice.

An attorney cannot withdraw from representation when that withdrawal would cause material harm and prejudice to their client, which is what is happening here. However, he will try to argue that an attorney can also not file a suit for which he knows there is no basis in law or fact to proceed with the suit in court, so this is where you have to be able to prove that there are sufficient facts here to indicate that CPS is liable and grossly negligent in their conduct on this matter and as such there is a legal basis for suit.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.



i have to tell you add'l to help,sir here.

I have learn the claim(s)are as follows:


1.)child abuse "inside a foster care unit"black eye;burned by staff member who was investigated by the police dept. was ARRESTED for the horror.


2.)sex abuse,(adopted daughter was kissing fondle girl age 14 paul)and

foster father,threaten child "not to tell"but bravely child did at age 17 w/

mom at a police dept. (JUST getting copies of this as i type this up.)


3.)i hate to say this claim because it ache my heart,but i know by law

your having to 'seperate the incident /emotional hurt and focus on fact of law so i have to tell ya,what happen is this,another claim is the child was while running away,"gang-bound'tied up raped'ligature marking on leg &

both hands?sodomize paul.


4.)psychological abuse severe to the point of suicide and all documented

by dr. adaging,"internal vaginal injury'to the child then a teen paul."1 man

was arrested,not the others."all under state supervision paul.


so,the attorney flagrantly is yes going to say,'well 1 spanking is on record

so the state did not have to GIVE back child?"

that is what i am learning.


Paul now correct me today if i am wrong,i really want to try to help her as much as feasible,and even for my OWN law student studies paul:


Are these not significant money damage(s)claims or no?


Can she contact the court i suppose,to advise court he is going to try to say he is not her lawyer but yet to tell FED.CT.she has proof he is and has help her up throughout today ,what can be done here.


thank you so much again paul





Thank you for the response.

You know quite well that the mom's record of the spanking and whatever findings there are, these have nothing to do with what happened to the child in the foster care which is the liability of CPS for not taking action.

Your suit needs to name both mom and child as plaintiffs and you need to also make sure you name the foster home as well as CPS as defendants.

While CPS may have been negligent in removal and the minor findings do not justify removal, they were more negligent in allowing the child to remain once the black eye happened and also once the sexual abuse occurred. So there is negligence on multiple levels.
Law Educator, Esq. and 5 other Legal Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you again counsel,for agreeing yes!(i DO know) this yes i do know it is valid claims,and that is what 15yrs.(since age 19)paralegal training

and studying law has taught me.


and paul also:

to be MORE clearer,two things ...


i know "tina"as i cite above,was extremely-devastated she was sent to the E.R. and i know as the other attorney PRIOR to you say it is definitely a form of Legal Mal,premise on the fact:


1. attorney commence draft in full!(like almost the entire thing paul!) visited;'spoke with her regularly almost daily!(thirty days paul.)

3.Strategize the"Best"and most"strongest claims involving a cause of action paul!)

4.He fax her queries,on the case.she answered,he 'agree in writing this is "Real good!" and how the APPEAL,one of the three is strong to use and how he"will be using the part of appeal"that mention importantly how 1 incident of a excessive corporal ie.(the spanking)was NEVER enough to keep a child away from his mother for 8 yrs!(so right there support her new claim,and surely support the daughter claim,am i correct???)

again APPEAL cite,right on my desk,"1 incident of the spanking in 04"

is NOT enough to keep a child from the parent,and sister.How the cps in nj"have to investigate"other allegations,and"IF"the other 19 allegations are NOT TRUE,but false,then the "state"of NJ cannot,any longer "deprive the child"from her mother,as to visitation,and or custody return


IT TOOK NJ DYFS,DCCP almost 5 yrs,to"investigate paul"from the appeal decision ordering them to INVESTIGATE(add' allegations)but yet this attorney who first say,THAT IS STRONG,and support her new claim timely filed,2012,now all the sudden,few days before she need it file he back out?




So again the attorney already left for L.A. but he took my call earlier for

15 to 20 min. and said,"he had heard enough premise on he know this is a form of legal mal,and can be proven she would have lost millions feasibly,or a large substantial award,premise on other lawsuits of analogous,per claim Paul....alll similar,and again ,(to be more clear)


Attorney has been told,he will face a bar complaint,and he will additional

be sued for legal malpractice,because this is what tina will do either way.


I really believe,Paul after myself (i call him!)and want your answer on that in a sec.i think he is calling me back so *fingers cross*i can help her as much as i can to at least have him finish what HE has started for her and get it file by him by 1st in a few days.i will brb,and again the above is all supported,by per exhibit(s) mention of she "only ran away"due to CPS not "listening to her about being abused,INSIDE the group home

paul,but the other injuries yes all happen INSIDE the group home sir.



i think this is the coward attorney who back out,i want to hear why he did this and hope he return,if not legal mal will be filed by TINA,when she is home from hospital(even just to get her started)without attorney she can do that,and she said she is going to.


brb please answer above,thank you



Thank you for the response.

Yes, I think there are two sets of claims here on top of the malpractice claim against the attorney for doing all of this work and leading her on up to when her statute of limitations was going to expire and then leaving her without any of the service he promised her.

Thus, if she cannot get the claim filed within the time, she is going to have to sue him and his malpractice insurance carrier for the money his negligent conduct caused her to lose by not filing the suit within the statute of limitations.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Paul.thank you.

Tina will be happy to read this.


I was giving you a while to answer others,so thanks again,i am here to make a update,before we conclude,because i need you to be aware,that was him"bob"the coward. i mean the attorney at law.


THIS,is a riot.But being duly documented,he try to worm and slither out of the truth,so great to keep copies to cement a claim,i am glad she has the proof.


I ask bob:

yes i am her advocate.NOT A LAWYER,that is publicy knowledge about bellas....Not yet anyhow.after implementation of law school,but can ask a query on this as her activist/advocate,and i ask him flat out,are you her lawyer?





Bob response,after a brief hesitancy:

Why would you call me thinking that heather?


Heather Response;So your not?


Bob: Well i did "discuss with her at one time,suing cps"for her daughter sex abuse,"a very sad"story about cps,and also the parent,herself.



Myself:Sir,i did not ASK you this.I ask did you tell her at anytime and or draft work for her,establishing that yes,your HER counsel on this lawsuit that has few days left to be TIMELY-amend(filed???)did you yes or no?


Bob the coward:


Ok,this is how it went down heather


he says,"I did speak to her,once or twice,but i never told her i was going to represent her"so i don't really know what your getting at.



I said,sir,are you near your computer,or I PHONE ETC.

he says,yes, i am but i have court soon.


I said,hold plz.


i "boot up my system paul"and VOILA!


his tune suddenly circumvented,by adaging,oh i see now.


i said,simply sir, this prove your her lawyer.


Your here,in this document,(adding your own paralegal name MAGGIE!)

and how your needing this "new claim from 2010 about two years ago

december claim on"how tina the mother was cleared"and telling mags

to ATTACH the exhibit,to this section "to support mom own discrete new claim,but advising her in notes to "tell tina"all will be encompassed in 1 lawsuit.and how your going to be call "tina"when your back from playing




he got so quiet paul,


and he finally concede to the fact;

Well,yes i did begin her claim(s)


but"now that i know about a spanking 1 incident 9 yrs ago!"


PAUL,your reading this right. i was beginning to chuckly,and interpose

adage,Your not serious right counsel? This was 1 incident,of light act of discipline,outside of a supermarket,whereas;judge cite,even at the appeal level,'NJ DCCP,DYFS (cps)has to reunite mother with child in the home,and or at the least VISIT regularly "constitutional right of parent'mom or dad RIGHT."can't be deprive any longer"and to properly"investigate'mom home,and the other allegations,after the 1 single incident of corporal punishment.IF"NO OTHER allegations"can be proven,"THE CHILD AND MOTHER CANNOT"any "longer"be deprive

as the highest courts in nj adage,COUNSEL.


he get real quiet,and i said i am a PROFESSIONAL certified paralegal

15yrs.since age 19

and additionally top notch legal researcher,and today i can send you 12

to 35 case law(s)per each state showing cases that support nj ruling in this case,and where individual whether a child and or the parent won$$$


FIVE RECENTLY SETTLE from CALI,NJ alone just past 5yrs. & 2 quietly settles,analogous to TINA case just last year,but your telling me

"because of 1 substantiated of non-criminal"abuse and or neglect,your

backing out,days(prior to her lawsuit filed???)



You see paul.he was so quiet,and he said,let me call you back by six

but so far NO CALL?


so we will seee.


how i do ?


he i hope do the right thing,and i want your feedback please.


and yes paul MULTIPLE recent wins,involving "when CPS"do not follow such policy to reunite,make what is known as per state"reasonable"effort

to reunite,after 1 finding,paul,the state can be held liable for damage(s)

from the non-return of child.

this guy is nuts,but he hopefully will do as i told him what is RIGHT,to avoid legal mal. and he was saying let me call you back,because i just want to..."THINK..."






It sounds like you have him dead to rights on this one and you need to fire off an email to him telling him that he said he would call you back and failed to do so. You need to tell him you expect he is working on finishing her complaint to file in court and if he leaves her hanging at the last minute on this he could have some potential issues of malpractice with the state bar, which you want to avoid because you believe he could help her and win this case for Tina.
Law Educator, Esq. and 5 other Legal Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


ok and oh!

tomorrow;or at around midnight,this time a VERY nic BONUS $ and it is because i m spending so much time with you because of the enormous amount of time he put into this,and her!(she miss pay at her job for work o this with him,he had her paul(learning more from her father)had her run here and run there,to a courthouse 2 hour ride! on a regular income$ and had her file a motion for "copies,when um,Isn't this a lawyer job?"for her transcript.when judge"fail to rush and get the old transcripts"guess what paul?

She release(even with a GAG ORDER,involving tina,horrific child case.

she"release them anyhow!"yep,to the attorney"bob."he was telling her in a voicemail."oh your doing real good tina,thank you"these documents do support that:

1. child was gang rape;bound tied,man arrested,"state hid it"from court.

2.child was force to give oral,fellacio etc.and dyfs knew in group home also force to "dance nude"in a group home,or she was not "able to stay"

said foster father!

The records (even though a GAG order)prove tina was trying so hard and successfully was still able to procure more doc(s)for him,and again he did not tell her at any time,"it is only for a review to see if we can represent you tina,he said,verbatim,"Oh this is good!"we are now able to add more damage(s)showing the state deliberately withheld this from a judge,adjudicating on "false information" who did not "have all factor(s) of the case"when he allow child to remain,out of mother primary care.

as a result "tina"the state yes i agree,failed your child,violated parent of such DUE process;and with intent,acted"deliberate" (it actually mention paul with DELIBERATE indifference.



father fax me more to review,it is a shame but she is definitely going for legal mal,and i am glad.

i await your response on something he DID say to me earlier that:


"Heather-Marie,she was telling me i did not know the law!"yelling this.

and i said calmy,well sir,she said this i understand because YOUR there

telling her,your not going to help her,but yet you were HER lawyer,and she said this,because case law "tina is right"do support,that 1 incident

is not a "history of child abuse." 2 to 3 appeals at least"agreed on this relevant fact."But yet you are only fixated tina say,and I AGREE now after speaking to you,"1 discipline act"that was not prevalent in the family.


I also challenge him asking:

DO A STATE COURT DECISION,in any state,trump over fed.ct.and or if so please expound.


HE GOT'real quiet and adage,Well i am just going to say,i never really told her i am her lawyer"he could not answer,me but i know the truth.


Paul,isn't it true in law that:


1.a prior decision in "state"court i.e. Appeal affirm tina child discipline 1 x of child but said,"investigate her home AFTER this,and other allegat.

and if "NOT"founded;for more serious neglect,or abuse child can NO LONGER be "deprive" exhibit attach to me today showin me this so again,"why would he say,well the"State"substantiated abuse so heather i "can't see HOW i am able to make a "Valid claim"cause state law when a finding in on "record" in civil family court OR criminal court is final.


he sound i need your help on this,and i repeat APPEAL

affirm 1 incident,what the appeal Sigificantly adage,"can NO LONGER"

be deprive though of her parent,and mom fiance,who is like a father to her,IF "the other 12 to 19 allegations of more"serious nature"can't be proven,child must be "reunited with mom."but this NEVER happen sir.


Never happen,"what did happen is all the serious grotesque abuse above




Well, there is no doubt that she has a case, she just needs to get it filed in time and she needs to do whatever she can to get it filed, if not this attorney may have a large malpractice claim to pay out.
Law Educator, Esq. and 5 other Legal Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so you mean she (i agree if your saying she should still no matter what file the Amend-Outline/(the suit for cps extreme-injuries,correct?)her adult child so sweet,was saying earlier to me on phone"i wanna still sue anyhow by my own self,with mommie,so i think the two are "on point there."she was out the E.R. but dr.did make a note"heart pain;in chest"can be link to the shocking news the lawyer,back out few days prior,and was a shock to her system etc.

so that is great,he has her on meds,etc."for now paul.i think your saying she should still file,even pro-se.i agree.and (if he do NOT get back to her)by or before to file it(the date her father fax over is for by or before not 1st. but on may 2nd 2013 paul i just verify.)




i triple(not double-check but triple check!)paul,he attempted to say that

"Heather,the Draft work did not have my own name and OFFICE on it )


um. paul "i have,thnx to the father"more doc(s)clearly establishing the

'law office of "BOB" et etc.

and maggie "senior level paralegal;legal assistant it say,and her ext. is 13,his is 15 lol


then get this paul:


it has the "amend complaint'to be file NOT by tina but guess who?





You need to remind him of all of this in your email to him and remind him his name does indeed appear on documents and he did lead her to believe he was filing which is a violation of the rules of conduct for him to try and drop her without giving her time to file or get a new attorney.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

oh, i am SO on it paul lol


Tina resting at home,with her dad(dr. orders!) and doc documenting this for her.


and yes! i am going to via text her this and email her,and she is so nice.

she really just had 1 act of the spanking that was it,child was not bruise nor harm,at all,and was age 11 at the time,was nothing major,appeal DID agree and ,just the state"failed to return child"even though as your sentient, aware of,CPS has to make at the least,"reasonable effort"to return child,IF at all feasible,case law numerous support such fact(s)


and yes!

i am working on this,and telling her what your discussing today with me.

so well worth it,each time with you.


oh and paul you see it is now a little bit past 6 eastern where i am and he has not call back. I did have three miss calls because you know my field of advocate,writing service(s)etc. legal researcher,i was helping a client with a school complaint,on a nurse who give her child wrong meds,and she just wanted a type up,submitted to me,to make a neater version,and typo corrected,and things like that,proofread,(she trying to find atty. i am helping her look too)but honestly paul,with ALL this going on, you are a huge help as a attorney you help so much again thank you sir...and i will try "BOB"the coward,i mean the lawyer back to see IF he did call me back.and thank you again,shall keep you posted,and your to be paid with a nice bonus by midnight or early morning for sure,thank you! keep you posted later or so. going to call him right now.(Hoping he has thought about it as he adage,and just honestly paul,do what is right . . .)


He is her lawyer,and you and i both know that he knew this,and knew of the act on record,but saw"as your doing, to just see pass this for a whole month"and now suddenly, "your not representing her?"This is wrong,and i hope for such victim, he has"really thought about it"if not?yes he is going to be sued,by tina for malpractice and her now of-age child age 18 or 19.



Hey paul,was just reading email,isn't that nice?

The Local counsel who was flying out this morning when this tragic event

with mom,and her lawyer happen he "just issue me a email"at 5:35 pm.

how nice,saying he apologize,and if i have no lawyer found by 5/15

for her,he will return and represent her with the LEGAL MAL,if she is also not already file her own self pro-se! that is so nice,he is saying for me

to keep up"BellasLawStudentNetwork,legal studies,to be a lawyer in due course."He is impress of how i word it,and expound so clear to him aw

that make me feel great! as you do too paul,thank you


I will email him this too ,and again BEFORE reaching you he agreed

without hesitancy that"on its face,this is LEGAL MAL,and he said the draft 'more than anything!"that show his work is proof this was not um a

"Review"period,of her docs! it was a WORK product by the lawyer on

per page,his office!

and i am yes calling attorney "bob back"try to reach him 1x that is it cause it is past six.







From the information you have, it seems pretty clear Bob was her attorney. Also he knows one spanking incident is not enough for CPS to justify their actions, especially since she could argue that the state law does not forbid corporal punishment by a parent and that is all a spanking is, so CPS unjustly pursued her for committing an act of corporal punishment that is permissible by law.

It is also good that the other attorney is on board to go after Bob if he drops the ball on this, because you are going to want to have everything lined up to go after this at both angles.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

evening paul.

Update(figure i give u few hours since last update!)well i did ensure she email him, and get this,around 7x.adaging yep,about she "expect"the work product,from HER lawyer,and how the court has already been at 1x last week notified,and this week of him being hired by her,and child and how he IS in fact,her lawyer,and hoping it can all be ameliorated,since i believe your able to still win this meritorious claim,as your promising me for a month.

she also said,paul not sure if i told u,"she STOP"looking for lawyers due

to him,taking the case!(this proof below i think seal the deal)and she did send him a copy as her parents,adaging,"I guess your forgetting your sharing this with her,with YOUR name on it,and notes for maggie,bob."



here you go!

plz click on MEDIA FIRE LINK ok, i want your consensus,where i am reviewing notation and everything,amazing the clear talk between atty. his paralegal maggie,help him,with alot of it,and the atty spacing(signature area)just check it out.IMO (he was doing a good job)so at the least she has a outline if she has to no matter what file pro-se ya know.see top of page(1)moreover,that is such a relevant fact here paul.

and BTW; read the claim(s)appreciate it,she already plan to still file as pro-se,but she already "thanks to me!"utilize process server today! to tell judge,he is her atty.!(smart girl huh) and i help her find one fast through my law student database the process server did it without a charge till later so judge will have this on file in the evening tonight and or morning the guy"bob" is her lawyer! she was smart to do this,after i hint to her the fact that is really not a bad idea,because she retain him and have so much proof. oh just tell me "before viewing her proof"your finish downloadin'so i shall RUSH TO LOCK IT,thank you again paul.



This is written by him as an attorney, so how does he say he is not representing her or never agreed to represent her, since he has drafted the complaint with his name on it. This is good for her and bad for him.
Law Educator, Esq. and 5 other Legal Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Paul evening.

give u another 2 hrs.and again ur going to be paid,and i will click on again excellent for this ,your right!(so funny,your saying it so midly,like well"duh"lol

of COURSE! he is her lawyer,so i am glad your agreeing,and i am just more amaze 1.)attorney will put his name in a draft,then attempt to say i m not your lawyer,"less than 5 or 6 days from court,(not including weekend...)

So glad your agreeing,and as your seeing,the 2 were discussing as on phone at length (maggie is his secretarial/paralegal)legal assistant who help him with the write up,and all she was waiting for she claim is the finish draft,review,but clearly his name on it,and Federal Court,now know

by this evening,and she even told court last week,"i have attorney now"

named _____, he did not realize she did this,but she was astute to do so

hence,now when he(feasibly by now)try to electronically email court to say

the complete antithesis,i am sure fed.ct.will "want a meeting maybe on this not sure" Last query for today!lol

she surely has good claim(s)right paul?

that is clear,even by the rough draft of the attorney,and maggie.

Several,so i do not see the 1 act(appeal words)DESPITE 1 act by cps,substantiate it was not criminal in nature,and hence if the state has 'NO MORE"substantiation (serious injuries;drug use etc

then the state can NO LONGER deprive parent from her own child.

YET.THEY TOOK GET THIS PAUL FIVE YRS.( to say in writing she was cleared of the"additional fake allegations)Trump up by her no good ex mother in law,so again this is in writing,so that should help mother sue,and whereas; res judicata 'BOB'even laid out clearly shall not apply,so this way mom AND child after 9yrs almost apart,can both sue.(MOM TRY SUING 06)but got toss out for "wrongful removal"from missing deadline"but again this is a NEW claim,understand premise on aforesaid,so give me your last feedback on this.

and also:


on "bob" saying one thing,and her telling the court in a letter last week

when he did not know she write the judge,and this week just other day;

he is her lawyer query is:


will the court hold a special hearing to see what proof she has,


and or he has?In any event,if fed.ct."Excuse this loser"from

being her lawyer,she still will sue she said yes for Legal Mal,and make sure her draft,is file,she is not risking losing by not filing anything,paul.

lastly she did say she also email him(zero response);

except to say i am not your attorney this morning,that again cause her to panic,chest pains end in E.R.


and lastly;

yep around 9 x.has copies of all. and her family,as your adaging,to tell him she is expecting HER finish draft from her lawyer filed by friday as he promise the last wkn.of the month by or before may 1st.


Thank you for your reply.

Yes she sounds like she has a good claim based on the facts you have shared with me and what is stated in the complaint HER ATTORNEY drafted.

If he does not follow through she needs to finish up that complaint, remove his name and get it filed as she really doesn't need to lose this claim because this attorney is an idiot.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Paul.question and good afternoon...


the woman"tina"did find today a document,additionally to what her non-loser attorney, "bob" who quit on her days prior to her lawsuit being timely filed,but she is handling her own and that is great,she find me,as she fax over a document showing,"She did write the state she reside in,during sept.07.(commissioner cite,"CPS caseworkers are following policy?)and your kids are fine,but yet,during such time in january-august,child was hospitalize and remove from father home,at this time,all furtively this support such a claim,i say yes!(you know i live and breath cps law and 15yr+paralegal,so just wanting your feedback,for this add'l claim.

as i am sure this is a supportive C.O.A.(cause of action correct?)or is she wording it wrong?


again the doc,"Was sent to her"during same year child was in foster home and hospitals.

but yet commissioner claim,her kids were"fine"and home with the father.



Thank you for your new update.

Yes, the document is more evidence in her case and it supports the fraud and misrepresentation and concealment aspect of her cause of action. It shows that they kept lying to her about the status of her children.