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I walked in a dealership with intentions on purchasing a new

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I walked in a dealership with intentions on purchasing a new vehicle. I told the sales rep what I wanted, the amount of money I would be putting down. I waited for four hours. Told by the manager my finance/loan application was still pending at 8:15 pm. He also told me to come back 3 days later and that I should pay my bills( in the presence of other customers)!...I sent out a few emails to the corporate office the next day and I received a call from the owner of the dealership apologizing and asking me to return to the store the next day. I returned, the owner met with me, we discussed a sale. He left and I was told to come back the next morning by another employee....I can go on, but I would like to know if this is something I could handle legally. I left feeling disrespected, humiliated and discriminated against.

William B. Esq. :

Dear Customer, thank you for choosing Just Answer. I am sorry to hear that you were treated in this manner. Unfortunately, while a business is permitted to operate its business in an unprofessional and even a rude or arrogant manner, there is no way to retaliate against this type of behavior other than deciding not to purchase their product (and letting others know about it - this is usually where the BBB is very helpful). However, if the dealership was not just rude or arrogant, but was discriminating against you based on your race, ethnicity, gender, etc. then you would have a civil rights claim against the dealer.

If the dealer or any of its employees made any statements regarding your financial portfolio that were false or untrue, these are defamatory statements and are actionable as "slander." Unfortunately, a vague statement such as "you should pay your bills" is usually insufficient to constitute a successful case (even though most people understand the intent and the meaning) - but if you believe the Dealership slandered you by making false statements, you could file a small claims action against them without using an attorney. You would need to identify the exact speech at issue to support the claim. The New York Courts have information on their website concerning what is required to file an action here:

Again, I am sorry to hear of this unfortunate treatment by the dealership, but I do hope you are able to resolve this matter quickly. Best regards, Bill

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