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Hi. I am at the end of my apartment lease in less than a month.

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Hi. I am at the end of my apartment lease in less than a month. Instead of renting another apartment, I have a good deal on buying a small, used early 90's RV at a bargain price. I would like to live in it fulltime for about a year, to save up money before renting another apartment (I live in Los Angeles, California & the rents are outrageous).
However, in California, you must have a brick & motar house (or apartment) with a physical address (not a p.o. box) to legally call home & satisfy DMV drivers license requirements. I have no family or relatives in this state that can offer me their address to use to satisfy that requirement to foward my mail to. How can I get around this?
A co-worker suggested that I buy a small piece of barren desert land for about $2000 (like in Lancaster or Mojave), not build or live on it, and use THAT as an address & THEN rent a p.o. box for about $75 a month in Los Angeles near where I work & have my mail LEGALLY forwarded it to THAT. Would that work? (I pay my cellphone and credit card bills online already).
But that would require extra cash. Any ideas?

The form has separate lines for your mailing address and residence address.

You can get a P.O. Box and write "no fixed abode" where it asks for a residence address. Or you can get a hotel room for a day and that would be your residence address on the day you apply.

My opinion is that the State has no legal right to deny a drivers license to a person who is homeless or between homes.

The easiest move seems to be to get a P.O. Box now and apply for a license before your current lease expires, so you can truthfully state your current residence address on the application form. You can ask DMV to put your P.O. Box on your license, as I did.

I hope this information is helpful.

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