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I took my car to have the wipers fixed. They called and said

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I took my car to have the wipers fixed. They called and said 986.14. I said I could not afford that I was told it would be 80.00 for the putting back together and finding out what was wrong. I said ok. Went to pick up my car, he got the bill charged me 80.00 I paid it and left. He called me not long after to say he found cheaper parts and could do it for 650.00. I told me I still could not do it. He offered to open me a charge and I said no. Again I got a call a few minutes later and he said "we have a problem", "Howard misunderstood you and fixed your car". I tried my wipes I was still in my ar and sure enough they worked. Now he says I owe them the money. He said they could go down to 600.00 but ni lower, or I have to take my car back so they can take the parts out. My bill says they did not put any in. Do I have to do this?

Hello, and thanks for submitting this interesting question. No, you do not have to return the car so they can "remove" parts that I doubt were ever installed. Howard would have to have been virtually brain dead to have done that amount of repair work without a repair order signed by you. Apparently when Howard put things back together, he must have "fixed" the problem. They have no lien rights since the car is no longer in their possession. I would never use that repair shop again.

I hope this information is helpful and that you will enter a positive rating. I thank you for submitting your question to Pearl-Just Answer. We appreciate your business. If you need clarification or additional information, please send me a Reply and I will be happy to explain further.

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Hello again Lori. You started a new question but in a category where I don't operate, (consumer protection), so I'll handle it here. YOu didn't tell me what kind of car you have, or if you went to a dealer or a repair shop, but my mechanic just told me that on the average, if it was a wiper motor the job would be around $200 maximum - maybe less. You already paid them $80, so they're out very little or nothing. I would not talk to them again but you can't stop them from calling. You might be able to put a block on their number, or simply use caller ID and not answer when it's them. If there is a Better Business Bureau in your city, you can file a formal complaint with them.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am sorry I thought you could see my question from the first time and that this was a second. Whole story, took my 2004 Chevy Venture Van to a repair shop to get a quote to fix my wipers. At 11:00 am Howard called and told me to get a paper and pen, I said I was ready he said no you are not. I needed a transmission and a motor for the wipers and with labor and all it will be $986.14. I said I could not afford it now, he said it would cost me 80.00 for taking apart and putting back together to see what was wrong. When I got off work walked to get car, Steve charged me 80.00 I paid 80.00 and he said he felt bad I could not afford this and he would look for cheaper parts. In the mean time I called my son in law who usually fixes my car but was not able then to see what he thought. He called me back said the parts from CarQuest were 140.00. He said it is one piece, a drive train with a motor. OKAY. Now Steve calls me back and says he found cheaper parts 675.00. I said no, still too high not telling him about the 140.00. Five minutes later I am still in my car Steve calls me again, he says, "Lori we have a problem, Howard misunderstood you and fixed the car so you need to come back and pay for it" I turned my wipers on and yep they were fixed. I asked many people and they all said it was THEIR problem that I do not need to pay. I DID NOT authorize it. I then got nervous because Steve keeps calling me and then wanted me to bring the car back and take the parts out. I paid for Ask an Expert and was told that Howard must be brain dead to do that much work without authorization. That I do not need to take the car back, that Howard might have fixed the problem just putting the car back together. My bill and everything was just labor no parts. Yet Steve just keeps calling me and I told him I got legal advice, I told him he cannot prove they put in new parts, I told him I paid my bill, I told him you admitted Howard made a MISTAKE not me. Now, he is still calling me and even called me at work to try and work something out. He offered to open a credit card for me, I said I am not going to pay interest on top of it, he said to pay for the parts only, I said what parts, he said 425.00. I told him 140.00 at CarQuest, he said their parts are dealer parts and much better. I said NO yet he won't stop calling me. I said I would go to court if he would like. I have my paid bill, my keys and my car, he said I know but.......How can I get him to stop calling me?

Hello again Lori. I am happy to provide you more details, but my repair guy is away now and I'll get back to you this afternoon.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is your repair guy in yet? You said he was away now at 10:09 am, but you would get back to me. Sorry to keep asking but he is still calling

Lori: You have never said whether this is a Chevy Dealer, or "Joe's Corner Garage". A reputable dealer would have written this off long ago and would not be badgering you over a couple hundred dollar repair job. If this is a dealer, call the general manager and complain about what the service guys are doing to you over repairs that you didn't authorize. Tell him/her to make them stop calling you or you'll report the dealer to AT&T and local authorities for phone harassment. The don't want that. See if that does the trick. If they take you to court over it, which I'm pretty sure they won't, your paid receipt should be enough. My guy said that your wiper problem probably relates to them being turned on when they were frozen or packed with snow and is usually the transmission, not the motor. Good luck. There's not much more that I can add to this information.
Lori. You went from Excellent rating to "Poor Service":. I don't understand. I went the additional step to contact a client in the auto repair business for you. I told you absolutely everything you can do to try to stop phone calls. What more do you wish to know?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Not a thing thank you.

Okay, but I still don't understand you giving me a "poor service" rating.

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