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Dave Kennett
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My 18-year old son was involved in a traffic accident on 1/10/13.

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My 18-year old son was involved in a traffic accident on 1/10/13. He was issued a citation for following too closely resulting in an accident. We have been waiting to receive info on a court date. Finally, I contacted the courts in Savannah, GA. I was informed that his court date was in February and that he is now in contempt of court for not appearing.

I have been told by the court that I have to come to Savannah (I live 4.5 hours away in Decatur, GA) and pay a $100 contempt fee to have his case put back on the docket.

I need to know my options.
A) Can I just pay the ticket plus the contempt fee?
B) Is it mandatory that he appear in court? (In this case, I'd pay the contempt fee and appear with him in court).

Please advise. Thanks a lot.
DearCustomer- If your son is 18 he is a legal adult and you cannot appear on his behalf in court although you can pay any fees you wish. I'm quite certain he will be the one who has to appear in court on the contempt but if they will accept a certified check by mail it may be possible to avoid two trips. Whatever the case, the only way to resolve the problem is to get the case put back on the docket and then have your son appear in court. Once a child turns 18 a parent cannot represent them in court unless the parent is also an attorney. I'm not certain why they would require anyone to actually come in person to pay the $100 but it may be because of the contempt action. Unless your son complies with the court he will probably have his license suspended and also there could be a warrant for his arrest.
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