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A divorce has been broken up my family as a result of two individuals

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A divorce has been broken up my family as a result of two individuals one female and one male working together, the two were employees and previous friends.The two people convinced my wife and I that each of us were having an affair with the two people involved,by using false letters,receits,texts,pictures.the male was obsessed with my wife,the female wanted access to me my house,and money, the two collaborated together in their scheme! after months of aggravation and slander, stocking charges (I witnessed)this guy would not leave my wife and kids alone, meanwhile police done nothing.I began a relationship with the female mentioned I trusted her! and soon realized this woman had been playing me! further more I uncovered evidence of foul play and both envolvement of recent events.when I confronted the female and ask her to leave she complied.she began moving her things out and my 85hr work week prohibited me from monitoring her progress,in the end she removed all of my and my ex wifes belongings thousands of dollars worth and as well of destruction of some property.too cover her ass she went to police and had a protective order placed on me claiming I threatened her life then goes to Magistrate office files a claim of 50g against me claiming i burned her belongings using pictures of two burn piles as evidence! I now have been charged with two felon charges Arson and destruction property,no investagation by police had been done.I own this property and house she only lived with me three months,,my ex wife and I life has been ruined by these two individuals who seem to have got away with so much devious.HELP


Thank you for your question and I'm very sorry to hear about your situation.

You have claims against this woman and the man for Defamation (Slander/Libel) for falsely reporting you for a crime, Conversion for taking your possessions, and Fraud for taking your money. You can sue her and the man for conspiracy in these events. If you win, you will be able to obtain damages in the form of money for the injury to your reputation and the value of the property which she took.

Because the value of your claim is most likely higher than $5,000.00, you will need to file this in the civil circuit court in your county. This would be best done by hiring a civil attorney. However, it is possible for you to do yourself with a lot of effort.

You will need to file this suit by filing a "petition" which lists defamation, conversion and fraud as the reasons you are suing and stating the facts you tell me here. You can find forms for this sort of complaint at:

You will need to figure out the value of all the property she has taken. You may also need to hire a private investigator to see if you can get some photographs of her with your property or any other useful information.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Please also
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