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What is the sentence for second DUI in Knoxville Tenn.? I know

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What is the sentence for second DUI in Knoxville Tenn.? I know it's jail time but how long and then what are costs involved. Also the individual is going to some sort of in house rehab . Could you fill me in?
Thank you for your question.

There is a mandatory minimum 45 days in jail, up to 11 months 29 days in jail if convicted. Probation is for 11 months and 29 days, less any time spent in jail. Fines range from between $600-$3500, and of course there are attorney fees a person may incur as well. There is a 2 year license revocation, a person cannot get a restricted license for 1 year. A person may be ordered to attend DUI school or rehabilitation (at their expense). A vehicle interlock device will be required.

The in house rehab isn't mandatory -that is something the court can order if they feel a person can benefit from it, they can order a person complete a rehab program, which they have to pay for on their own.
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