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I have been accused of stealing and selling collector cards,

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I have been accused of stealing and selling collector cards, allegedly valued at $25,000. I admit that I have taken and sold the cards but only got $200 for them. The owner of the cards is dating my sister, who has stolen from my family repeatedly. In an angry rage I took his cards and sold them. He says he is going to sue me in small claims and I was wondering what I had to worry about. I live in Michigan, if that helps.
Dear JACUSTOMER - If he sues in small claims court then he can only sue for the amount of the jurisdiction of the court which is generally $5000-7500. He would have to prove the value by some type of testimony but if he can prove his case then he could get a judgment against you for the value up to the jurisdictional limits of the court. It doesn't matter what you sold them for since it is the value of the cards that count. If he has stolen from you then you can file a counterclaim for that amount in the court so it may turn out that no one owes anyone anything.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

By what means does he need to provide for the value of his cards. When I contacted the police about the theft from us we were told we needed pictures of the stolen items, which we didn't have because who takes pictures of everything they own.

It would be your word against his and he would then have to bring in a witness who could testify as to the value of the specific cards.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What stops him from just making up cards and values? Couldn't he just create a list and get his father to testify they are his?

Yes, people lie in court all the time. His problem will be to establish the value since he would need an expert to testify as to value.
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