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I am currently the caregiver of a terminally ill relative,

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I am currently the caregiver of a terminally ill relative, and my neighbor insists on parking in front of my home, with company in tow. She has numerous parties, which is becoming a nusance. My house is currently located on a hill. I am afraid if I had to call on the Emergency Medical Team there is no level parking if she needs to be medically transported. I have tried asking politely, and the 30 years I have been living here, It is a unspoken rule. I feel disrespected, and I often cannot receive my mail due to the neighbors friends parking on the only flat land available to me, and in front of my mail box. Is there anything I can legally do? Thanks Ron.... Oh by the way I live in Maryland, Prince George's County.

Thank you for your question. I'm sorry to hear about this situation. I need some more information before I can provide you with an answer.

Is your neighbor parking on a public street?

You are not receiving your mail because they are parking in front of the post box. Can the mail man not walk to the mailbox to put the mail in it?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes it is a public street, and yes they are parking in front of the mail box. The Mail lady normally drives, and I have to grease her palms every now and then when my relatives Chemotherapy pills arrive in the mail. This whole thing is very frustrating, and I think waiting for she (Neighbor) and her company to drink themselves to death would be a long wait. Is there some kind of parking permit I can obtain at least for the duration of my relatives illness.

Thank you for your response.

Because it is a public street, as long as they are parking on the street and there is no sign prohibiting them from parking there, then they are not breaking the law.

The first thing you need to consider doing is obtaining a handicap driver permit for yourself on behalf of your relative. You can do this by following the instructions at:

After you have obtained a placard, the next thing to do would be to contact the city and tell them that you need a handicap parking zone on the public street in front of your house so that you can park close to your house. They should provide you with this accommodation.

The fact that you have to grease the mailman's palms is not good. They are supposed to walk up and deliver the mail to you. You should contact the local post office manager and report this problem as it is not right that you are having problems having the mail delivered to your address, especially if the only reason is that the delivery person cannot drive up to your post box.

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