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I would like to get an Indiana wholesale dealers license. If

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I would like to get an Indiana wholesale dealers license. If I sell a car retail what is the law pertaining to this.what penalties would I face?

LADYLAWYER : Are you asking what would happen if you sold a car retail now, with no license? Or what would happen if you had a wholesaler's license and then sold a car retail?
LADYLAWYER : As a wholesale dealer, you can sell to the public it is just a little more complicated. If you have a buyer then you would have to find a dealer which you sell the car to, who will in turn sell it to the customer for a agreed price. You pay the dealer a certain amount of agreed money before the transaction is final.

that is what I am looking for is running my transactions through a dealer...possibly placing my cars on consignment through their retail car lot...

LADYLAWYER : The Indiana Administrative Regulayions do not impose specific sanctions against a wholesale dealer if they sell retail; however, it does allow numerous penalties as the Secretay of State sees fit. This can range from a fine, to stripping of your license, to criminal penalties.
LADYLAWYER : It is decided on a case-by-case basis.
LADYLAWYER : But going through a third-party dealer is fine and legal.
LADYLAWYER : *Regulations

can I advertise my cars for sale on Craigslist or some other online resource? but just not complete the transaction have that done through a bonified dealer for retail

LADYLAWYER : if you have any further questions, I am happy to answe them!
LADYLAWYER : sorry, my keyboard is sticking

its ok

LADYLAWYER : You can offer them that way as long as you list them through the third-party Dealer. In otherwords, you should not have your business name or address up there, but the Delaer's information should be there. You may list your phone number though.

OK...I think that answers my question...thank you

LADYLAWYER : You are most welcome! Anything else I can help you with, please just let me know. I hope I have provided you with excellent service this evening and that your customer service rating will reflect that. Thank so much!

it will



LADYLAWYER : Have a lovely evening!
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