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My 17 year old daughter has a friend that will be graduating

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My 17 year old daughter has a friend that will be graduating in 7 weeks. She is from a over bearing Greek Family with a father that is crazy and what I would consider abusive. We have offered her sanctuary here at our house after graduation until she enlists in the military when she turns 18 in august, but are unsure of the laws governing children of this age and school status. We need to know if we can help her in this way without breaking any laws. Please help.


Bill Jahnke

Thank you for your question, Bill.

I am genuinely sorry to hear that your daughter's friend is in these dire straits. California Family Code Section 6501 defines someone who has attained the age of majority (adulthood) at 18. If the child is still 17, technically she is still a minor and the parents could potentially claim kidnapping or abduction if she comes to live with you. What you may want to consider is to have this 17 year old start an 'emancipation' petition via the courts. It is a request for the courts to essentially make her an adult and sever the legal obligations for care, maintenance, and support to her that her parents are currently legally required to provide. You yourselves cannot file this for her, she would need to file and she would also need to show that she can be self-supporting, that she has separate housing, a job for her expenses, she has her own medical care and schooling covered, and she understands that by requesting emancipation, her parents would never be required to assist her at any point. It is a very drastic step but it may be what your daughter's friend is ultimately seeking.

Hope that helps.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Dimitry, That is what we thought the answer would be. Bad situation for her and my daughter. Hopefully nothing bad happens until august. We have told her not to let her Greek father send her on a plane out of the USA, as he has intentions of an arranged marriage and working in the family restaurant.





You are most welcome, Bill. Glad to help.

Those are great suggestions. While she is a minor, she cannot be coerced onto a fight, she can choose to not go anywhere. Otherwise, she would need to seek formal emancipation as a means of breaking free of her family. Hope that helps and good luck to her.