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If the police come to your home on an annonymous tip that we

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If the police come to your home on an annonymous tip that we are cultivating marijuana, which we are not, and ask to search the premises, which I allowed them to do and they found nothing, can they come back?

BizAttorney :

Good evening! I can help you out with your legal question tonight.

BizAttorney :

Yes, the police only need probable cause in order to search your residence. However, if they just ask to search it and you allow them, then they can go in without probable cause.

BizAttorney :

So the next time they come to your house, you should say no and make them get a warrant.

BizAttorney :

In order to get a warrant, they will need probable cause i.e. tip, smell of marijuana, view of heat lamps, etc.

Customer: what
BizAttorney :


BizAttorney :

I am sorry, what is your follow up question?

Customer: How would they see heat lamps
BizAttorney :

They have infrared cameras, from the window outside, etc.

BizAttorney :

But the important thing is they can come back anytime. They need probable cause to get in your house, unless you let them in.

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