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Im currently in a complex situation which involves my sons

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I'm currently in a complex situation which involves my sons 2 year old father... I'm a professional sales representative for a major hair care distributor. Carlos (sons father) works at was my #1 account I recently provided him with this opportunity because of the business relationship I had with the owner at the time Carlos ended the relationship Feb 12... During this time I notice the owner Laila Taheri was very distant which I decided to speak to her in efforts to fix what I assumed a problem with customer service. On Feb 20 we had our business meeting set which then turned personal and was spoken too of personal issues in my life and insulted on things that don't involve business.I took it all in and said what can we do to fix this and move on for the business... i assumed everything was taken care of and would to continue to service the account..Throught the course of the time I find out othrough 3rd parties that Laila has been sending emails to corporates offices requesting a new sales manager in which I was close to being terminated she then wrote a email to the manufacture of the brand my company distributes but the company refuses to detail what it says.. I now had to get all the companies involve to explain a personal matter that didn't involve my professionall business skills. I just found out that Carlos committed adultery and is now living with my ex associate Laila and the cause of "real" actions that ruined my business reputation and the income I generate to care for my son... I'm also concerned because Laila has a bad reputation in taking on people as projects although I do not care what project she decided to take on with my ex he has now decided that he will live with her and take his son to her home (a home that doesn't have separate bedrooms) which worries me because she's hurt fully intended for me to lose my job for result that boss and owner are romantically involved but I have suspicions that my son shares their bed together. Also her mental and history affects me because her brother is in jail for committing a crime of terrorism march 3 where he faces a sentence of 150 years
Hi, thank you for asking your question today. The other Experts and I are working on your answer. By the way, it would help us to know:

Your describe the current situation in some detail. What is your specific question(s) ?

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Possible law suit for deformation of chars ter restraining order towards Laila from my son
I responded to you other question on the same topic. let me know if you want me to respond on this question here.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
If the emails she wrote are false accusations is it deformation of character ? In regards XXXXX XXXXX brothers criminal record for first degree murder for act of terrorism can I file a restraining order for the well being of my son?

The false emails are defamation and if false may be the basis of a defamation suit. If her brother is in jail he does not represent a threat to the children. It would be difficult to get a restraining based on a imprisoned relative. You need to show a imminent danger to the children.


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