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Who do I contact to get a county mental hospital lien discharge paper in NJ for 2003 ?

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Who do I contact to get a county mental hospital lien discharge paper in NJ for 2003 ?

Thank you for your question.

You need to contact the county hospital district office and ask for the lien department.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I don't understand what you said. I don't know if you meant the hospital itself or if there is another agency. I was hoping for more detailed info & address, and/or phone number. I did look up county hospital district office on google and nothing was listed that I could use.

It's usually another agency. Let me know what city and county the hospital was in and I'll see if I can locate that information for you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Burlington County, Buttonwood Hospital, Pemberton City, NJ. I do remember getting a copy of the lien thru a state agency in Trenton, NJ but lost it and now can't remember what agency I used in 2003.

Thank you for your response. You will need to fill out the following form:

Then you will need to mail it (certified mail return receipt requested) to:

Buttonwood Hospital
Lien Discharge Department
6-- Pemberton Browns Mill Rd.
Pemberton, NJ 06068

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I already knew the Buttonwood Hospital had a lien dept. I was searching for a state lien office info. The reason I do not prefer to ask Buttonwood for the lien papers is because I paid the lien off to purchase a house. Having medical insurance to pay for the Buttonwood expenses, I should have been reimbursed. Initially, I had to provide a bank check showing I indeed paid the lien off, Buttonwood claimed they had no record of pay-off. I got a copy of the discharge. Then, I lost the paperwork. The bank had disregarded any/all check copies in 2004 when consolidating. I paid $25,000. to pay the lien. I was never reimbursed by Buttonwood when my medical insurance paid the total bill which has since been confirmed.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I went to the website you suggested listed in the previous response. It is not viable. the /.../ was supposed to be /consumer/ which I finally found out on my own. However, I will attempt to contact Buttonwood Hospital, Lien Discharge Dept. directly and see if I get anywhere with them. In 2003, they initially claimed they had no record of the lien discharge until I utilized a state department in Trenton, NJ. for which I can't remember the name of..from Adam. initial question to you was...are 2003 records still accessible regarding NJ county hospital bills. I paid the lien off with cash $25,000. to buy a house, thinking my medical insurance would pay the bill afterwards which they did and I should have been reimbursed at that time which never happened. The bank no longer has check records for those dates. If I can prove the lien was discharged, prior to the medical insurance pay off date, I may have a claim.

The records should be available at the hospital. If they have lost the records, then there is something very wrong with their records department.

I'm afraid that is the extent of the information I have been able to locate that would be of any help to you.

Best of Luck,
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your continued assistance. Even though, I am back to square 1, contacting the hospital, I do appreciate your help.