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I sought mental health care starting in 2003 due to some financial

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I sought mental health care starting in 2003 due to some financial difficulties I was having. I was told it's always okay to seek the overnight rehab though I had heard rumors about it. I went and stayed there and was unhappy when I couldn't afford to transport myself to outpatient counseling at AA and the group came into my home doing things I won't describe. Years later I had to go back to the rehab because I was breaking down with losing my customers at my job and making no profit. So I went back and had to attend a day treatment. I was afraid of them but attended. 6 months later I got released and sought outpatient counseling, later they referred me back to day treatment because I was doing nothing. When I quit attending there I got in trouble and was unable to eat or do normal things due to their punishment. I wasn't put in jail or brought in. I went to the ER starving and they referred me back to mental health where I was told I must attend day treatment again. I didn't attend for a while and got in trouble. Now I attend day treatment finally and may have to go for another year, it's been almost 2 Years. I'm getting use to doing day activity and sort of appreciate it for something to do. I have my needs and am alright. Now I wanted to know about majoring in Psychology. I was a Psychology Major for a few years and have transfer credits. There's a program where I'd be almost done with the Major. Do you believe it's a good choice or even a legal one to Major in Pscyh? Would I be able to work in Psych. legally? Noone at the day treatment has mentioned me not majorring in psych or my past trouble I got into. They know because they implemented some of the trouble. So sorry for the long story I just wanted to know if Psych. is a good Major for me? I also went through a Bankruptcy and was told studying CRJ wouldn't be welcome for me but that was a long time ago. I have nothing verifying this but remember what they said. After so long with nothing about not majorring in anything, am I free to study what I want to?

Thank you for your question.

It is a perfectly legal choice for you to obtain a degree in Psychology and pursue a career in it. Many recovering addicts pursue this career because you have a insight into the mind of the people you will help. There are no legal problems with what you want to do.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Please also kindly consider rating my answer positively so that I am compensated by the website for my work on your question. Rating does not cause an additional charge and will not prevent us from further working together on your questions.

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