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Hi, The Commissioner hearing my Smalls Claims case didnt look

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Hi, The Commissioner hearing my Smalls Claims case didn't look at crucial evidence, specifically receipts and explanation of the costs to repair the area of my mouth the dentist I was suing damaged by bludgeoning it with a mallet.

Although, the Commissioner did award me the reimbursement of the dentist's fees nothing for repairing the damage. It's as if she were more interested in making it time for lunch. In researching I found forms SC-105 and SC-108, are these appropriate for requesting a reconsideration with the ability to submit the evidence she didn't even look at? If so, what would be the time limit on filing?





SC-108 is a Motion To Correct Or Cancel and SC-105 is a Request For Court Order and Answer. Either of these will achieve what a Motion for Reconsideration is. Generally speaking, you have 30 days to file a Motion to Vacate or to file an appeal. The time frame for filing the SC-105/SC-108 is that same 30 days, however, I would not wait.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi again, Sorry but my son clicked on the chat when I wasn't looking and thank you for your response.

Is my request valid and does "Reconsideration of the judgment to include remedial treatment and pain and suffering" sound okay for the request?

Thank you very much and will definitely leave an excellent feedback.

Hi again :)

Yes, but I would say, "Reconsideration of the judgment to include damages for remedial treatment and pain and suffering."