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I am trying to find out what danger I am in and what legally

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I am trying to find out what danger I am in and what legally I can do. My business partner married his Half sister in the philippines to get a visa K-1 visa for her. My problem is without me knowing I about it my business partner and i bought a house there in philippines as a investment and he put his new wife, (half sister) as part owner, I need advise as to what danger i am in and what about my business partner? is he guilty or Incest law or fraud?? please help

BizAttorney : Good evening! I can help you out with your legal question tonight. You and your business will not be involved in his fraud and incest legal troubles.
BizAttorney : A company is only liable for its owner/employees when they are acting within the scope of their employment/ownership.
BizAttorney : You will require that the sister grant the house back to the business, otherwise you will file a suit on behalf of the company against your partner for his actions that hurt the company.

do i have legal president against my partner if sister ignore my request that she grant house back to the company?

BizAttorney : It will depend on the company organizational documents. Do you have some type of bylaws or articles of organization? Those will be what you bring suit on as your guidelines.

ok thanks for your help. I will ck bylaws and and have our corp. laywer review if my partner has commited fraud or a crime

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