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My soon to be ex wife has got a job under the table, and is

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My soon to be ex wife has got a job under the table, and is getting food stamps! She also filed her taxes under her last name, and stuck me with paying IRS! She has forged my name on a insurance check and the title to my car, which only had my name on it! The one we had in both are names she ran it out of oil, and stuck me with it! She also took application from her last job, which she was fired from! I was wondering what to do about all this? I'm paying health insurance on her, and her kids that are not mine, and can't get them off till the divorce. She also never changed her social security card to my last name? I would just like to know my rights on all these things?
Thanks for the chance to help. I am an attorney with over 12 years experience. Hopefully I can help you with your legal question.

You ask a loaded question...

How do I get a quick divorce so she can stop taking advantage of me?

a divorce can either be contested or not contested.

Uncontested; Now the fastest, (and by far the least expensive) way to get a divorce is if you can agree on the terms. If you can agree on "who gets what" there is not a need for attorneys...this will cut the costs to a very small amount (court fees)

Contested; if you can not agree, this is a contested divorce. To proceed you need an attorney or need to act as your own attorney (very bad idea). Here the parties present evidence to the court on "who gets what" and the court decides. This takes longer and involves attorney fees for both sides.

SO, if you can agree with your "soon to be ex" on who gets what, great! If not, you need an attorney.

There is no way around that.

Now...what you describe it sounds like you have a compelling case if you wind up in a contested divorce Utah is an "equitable distribution" which means that the marital property shall be divided in an equitable fashion. And what you describe? Her antics with the insurance check and the IRS and the car? All this can be presented to the court in your divorce as you ask for a larget share of the marital property.

But that requires you to hire a lawyer...and her as well. And by the time you both get through paying the lawyers you may find you had been much better off to simply have worked it out.

So to answer the question

How to get a quick divorce?

Easy...convince her that it is in her interest (since she will save money on a lawyer)

If she refuses?

Then get a lawyer...a good one. Frankly, you may find once you do she is more willing to negotiate with you (when she finds that she will have to pay a lawyer as well)

What you describe, you have a compelling case for a larger share of the marital property...but if she will not agree with you on the terms you will need to hire a lawyer to get the divorce complete

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

what about the tax fraud, forgerory, get paid under the table and collecting food stamps? If she has not changed her social security card do I still have to carry insurance on her, and her kids? She got like 7,000 back on taxes, and I had to pay a thousand! She didn't file married and seperate like she is suppose to! She filed under her last married name and single? She also took applications from her previous job that has peoples personal info on it? Should I turn her in for all this?

You can report this to law enforcement if you like. What you describe sure sounds like fraud (it is a crime to lie in order to get access to food stamps)

The same is true with the taxes...if she lied in her return, the IRS can prosecute this.

As for her taking applications with others personal information? This is theft and can also be reported.

None of this will make your divorce easier...but if your goal is to have her held accountable then you can certainly report this to law enforcement and you can raise the issue of your tax liability and insurance with the divorce court.