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My son, 18 years old, works for a golf cart service that is

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My son, 18 years old, works for a golf cart service that is part of a country club community that is a township. Part of his job is to drive golf carts from the "barn" area to the country club parking lot as well as other areas within the country club. He uses the street to access many areas. This is allowed in the Country club. None of the golf carts have turn signals, brake lights or any other equipment such as a slow vehicle plate. There is a sticker on the steering wheel with operation instructions but I'm not sure if is for the safe operation of the golf cart (factory) or operation regulations by the township.

Not long after he worked there, my son got a ticket from a township police officer for running a stop sign in the golf cart. His employer said he would "help" with the ticket. My assumption was that this must happen a lot and since the golf cart service is part of the Country Club, which is who the police department works for, that this would not be a problem. Instead, my son got 6 months judification and a $350 fine. The employer agree to pay $300 of the fine which I figured the Country Club waved.

It's been a little over 2 months and my son got another ticket in a golf cart from the same cop for "failing to stop" at a stop sign. My son says he did stop but the cop says he rolled through (not stopping for 3 seconds). The cop was behind my son in a an unmarked truck. The truck may have been the cop's personal car and I'm not sure if he was on duty or not.

My question is this: Are these violations handled the same way as a regular traffic ticket in as far as how they will appear on his record? Do they figure into the Texas Driver's Point System? My son has other regular traffic violations (not with this township) that could affect his points. He is currently on deffered judification in another city.
Hi - my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm a litigation attorney. Thanks for your question.

Yes, this would be considered a moving violation just as if he would have be cited while driving his own personal vehicle. Thus, the point system would apply as well, which would be 2 points for a moving violation:

If he is on a deferred adjudication, then it's not likely he'll get the same relief this time and will face a fine and points being assessed to him.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

He's on deferred adjudication in this township for 6 months but its only been 2 so I guess that's out. But he's also on deferred adjudication in another city for 30 days that isn't up yet, will this violation affect that one or is it only per municipality?

Yes, this new violation would affect each of these other violations as well. It is POSSIBLE that the one in the other county will slip through the cracks because of timing, but it should void both of the deferred adjudications.

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