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Hello, how difficult is it for a coop board member to get a

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Hello, how difficult is it for a coop board member to get a conviction of harrasment or mobbing by a member of the coop? In this instance the member of the coop has sent non public financial information to other members of the coop in order to gain favor against the coop board member. thanks


Hello I am a licensed attorney here to help you with your question, please review my response and do not hesitate to ask for clarificati on


If you are asking about a criminal action that would be difficult, in terms of a civil suit against the member that is possible if it can be shown through evidence that the member defamed that person intentionally and violated the privacy rights of the coop member.


This would entail a private law suit against the individual, and are common in NYC.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks for the quick response. What are the privacy rights of a coop member? how hard would it be to get a civil case on Mobbing? does that change the scenario?

A co-op unit shareholder has limited rights and whatever rights they have are outlined in the bylaws of the COOP. However, if you can claim that the member violated a State or Federal law in disclosing your financial information, you may have a valid suit. However, financial information is typically not protected as medical records, and COOP Boards in particular have a right to see any unit members financial information.

Mobbing is a difficult law suit, however if you can prove damages, and that the acts were intentional you may have a valid suit. In your situation, a defamation case may be better.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Did you see my last message?

In terms of mobbing, that is a difficult case to prove.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No sorry. The note i sent that the person being harrassed is a board member of the coop. The person doing the harrassing is using this type of harrassment to try and push his agenda with the board.


If you feel threatened is it better to contact the police or go directly to the DA?


Are you able to suggest lawyers in Westchester county?

In terms of threats, if they are physical threats I would contact the police and ask for an order of protection against the person