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I sold a 1999 Ford Taurus car to a private party in August

Customer Question

I sold a 1999 Ford Taurus car to a private party in August 2012 in Michigan. This private party ran a dealership, however car was sold to him personally as car was of low value. I accepted $400.00 cash for car and signed over title to this individual. I foolishly did not ask for a bill of sale as I was in a rush to leave the country as I had a job overseas. I did take my registration plate, which I still have.

In March 2013, my contact in the U.S. received notification that I have received multiple parking citations at “Central City Parking” in Kalamazoo, MI. I ran my reg. plate on their website and the citation was for a KIA car and NOT a Ford. I am overseas at the moment and back in the U.S. next week. My question now is: from a legal standing point, what are the next steps from here? Thank you.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Jack R. replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for choosing Just Answer.

There are a couple of things you can try when you return. You can call up the clerk that handles these tickets and explain the situation. You will probably be told as the registered owner of the vehicle you are responsible for the citations. You should ask whether there is any type of documentation you could provide to get the correct owner responsible for the tickets e.g. an affidavit attesting to ownership during the period the tickets were written.

Second, you could pay the tickets and sue the dealer in small claims to get your money back. You would need to somehow prove a sale had occurred. If you were paid by check this might be sufficient to establish you sold the vehicle (the bank could provide you with a copy of the check you deposited).

Third Michigan has specific rules dealing with registering and titling a vehicle. I know you stated this was a personal purchase by a dealer bur the law may still apply. You should ask the dealer to reimburse you the cost of the tickets.

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