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For Kirk Adams, Fist I am having trouble making this site

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For Kirk Adams, Fist I am having trouble making this site work, so I am trying this route to get to you. Here is the story:

I have been fostering and adopting rescue dogs for a few years. I took 2 cocker spaniels from a group out of NYC that I had never worked with before and got bit and bit and bit. I lost work time, have nerve damage to my right hand and spent money on my medical bills and my neighbor’s medical bills. To make it worse, the rabies certificate they sent me described a different dog so we had to be quarantined for 10 days. My vet said the dog I had adopted needed to be put down because she was dangerous. By contract I had to notify the rescue group (who had been terrible about all the biting, blaming me) and they said they would “rehome” the dog. The vet said they are crazy and that is unconscionable and I should just put the dog down and not tell them. I am in Maine. That’s what I did. I sent the other dog back as he was a foster and they put him right back on their website with no mention of the biting.

They found out about the dog I put down and PUT UP A WEBSITE to get donations to sue me. They must have gotten them because they are suing me, but in New York not Maine. My first question. What if I just ignore them? What’s the worst they can do?

When my lawyer was still speaking to me she said we needed to counter sue for defamation and medical expenses.
Hi - thanks for looking me up.

You can be sued in New York if that's where you took the dogs from. Thus, you are likely subject to the NY court's jurisdiction.

It is definitely not a good idea just to ignore the lawsuit because if you do a default judgment will be taken against you, which means they will receive a money judgment for whatever they are asking for, and they can then try to collect against you in in Maine.

You should consider consulting another attorney in NY where the case is filed to respond to the lawsuit AND also file a counterclaim against the plaintiff as your prior attorney has recommended. Putting them on the defensive is the best offense you can put forward.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I sent one last email the other night asking how to find an attorney in NY and I never heard back. It looks like it never arrived, I heard back from customer service for the site and apparently there is a bug. Plus I finally heard from my lawyer and had a long talk. So I think we are back working together again. I would still like to know how you find a lawyer in another state who would be right for an individual case. Thanks, Mary

Hi Mary! Sorry for any trouble with the site you experienced. Hopefully, the bug is gone.

The BEST way to find an attorney is to visit and you can search for an attorney by location and area of practice. The attorneys listed on the site are the best in their areas - - and the ones with AV and BV ratings are the best of the best.

Roger and 2 other Legal Specialists are ready to help you